Feedback for fasia-phage

May 25, 2017

    1. Hello~!!

      If you have had a transaction with me I would really appreciate your feedback~

      Thank you~!!
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    2. I sold a doll jacket to Fasia-phage and the transaction went very well! She was prompt to communicate and to pay and she made sure to let me know when the jacket arrived. I'd definitely sell to her again!
    3. fasia-phage bought a Soom Teenie FCh Grit/Syen from me and the transaction was smooth sailing from start to finish!
      Communication and payment were prompt and she let me know quickly when it arrived.
      Overall a recommended buyer, thank you!
    4. Fasia-phage purchased a Fairyland fullset Eva from me on layaway. The payments were prompt and she always let me know when there would be another one coming. She actually finished the payments early. She was friendly and I would definitely do business with her again. Thanks! :)
    5. Fasia-phage purchased a fairyland fullset Alicia from me through layaway. She paid in a timely manner, and always alerted me to when she'd give the next payment. She was very friendly, and also let me know when the doll arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with her again :]
    6. I sold a fairyline sia tail to Fasia-phage, she was very pleasant, responded quickly and paid promptly. It was a pleasure working with her and would highly recommend as a buyer. Thank you!!!