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Feedback for fatesrelease

Feb 18, 2011

    1. Please leave any feedback about transactions that were dealt with me here :)
      Thank you so much!
    2. Very good buyer!! :D

      I sold a pair of SD shoes to her. She was very nice with PMs and she paid promptly. A very good transaction, thank you!!
    3. fatesrelease is a great buyer, quick with communication as well as payment. She also let me know right away when the wig arrived which I always appreciate!
    4. Bought a lovely wig from fatesrelease. She was a friendly seller with great communication!
    5. I sold a Minifee Shushu to Christine/fatesrelease and she was wonderful to work with! Super friendly and prompt communication, instant payment, great follow up on the doll arriving, and left feedback right away. It was a pleasure from start to finish. Thanks Christine! So glad you are happy with her...enjoy :)
    6. fatesrelease bought a wig from me. She was very patient when there was a shipping delay and paid quickly.

      Thank you! :)
    7. Fatesrelease has purchased a few of my handmade items, she's always easy and smooth to deal with.
      Thank you! :)
    8. Again, thank you for another transaction. Fatesrelease is wonderful to deal with :)
    9. I sold a MNF head to fatesrelease and it was an all around pleasant transaction. Communication and payment were lightning fast and she let me know when the head arrived. I'd happily do business again!
    10. Fatesrelease bought 2 more dresses from me. She's always a pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you!! :)
    11. Fatesrelease was very understanding and forgiving with me when her doll didn't show up in as good condition as it should have been. I am very impressed with her.
    12. Oh my goodness, can't say enough good things about this lovely lady! Fatesrelease purchased a Volks Lorina from me. She was absolutely a delight to deal with, great at communications & the entire transaction went smoothly. Five stars!
    13. I bought a Minifee Shushu head from Christine/fatesrelease. The transaction was wonderful, fantastic communication and the head arrived promptly in great condition. Christine was lovely to deal with, I would highly recommend her.
    14. Fatesrelease bought a leeke wig from me. She paid promptly, was very polite and communicative and was all-around a great buyer. Highly recommended!
    15. Thanks for commissioning me, Christine. You're always a pleasure to deal with. I hope you like the items!! :)
    16. I bought a cute outfit at a great price from Fatesrelease. She was very sweet and sent the package well packed very quickly. I would definitely do business with her again
    17. I purchased a Volks Lorina wig from Christine. The wig came within two days! I could not believe how quickly it arrived. Our transaction was just perfect, and I dont think you will find a sweeter person. I hope to deal with again in the future. Thanks so much♥
    18. I purchased a pair of Lorina's shoes from fatesrelease a week ago and I'm sure I can tell she is one of the sweetest persons I've met here at DoA.

      She answered back fast to all of my messages ^^ and always with a sweet smile. Helped me kindly to avoid tramits with my country's customs and I'm so grateful to her for this. Sent the shoes in an split of an eye as soon as she got my payment and arrived it even faster to my house in perfect condition and very well wrapped *.* !!

      I have no doubt that I would love to deal with her in future if she allows me to do so ^^ !!

      Thank you so much sweetie for being this wonderful person you are >< !!
    19. fatesrelease purchased a wig from me and had prompt payment and communication. Highly recommended.
    20. I sold a Bambicrony Ellen to fatesrelease, and the transaction was great. She fulfilled her layaway within the agreed time allotment, she let me know when the doll arrived and left feedback, and she's also prompt and friendly in messages. I would certainly deal with her again. Thanks so much for adopting Ellen :D