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Feedback for Fauxfaia

Dec 5, 2009

    1. Hi! I couldn't find an individual thread for Fauxfaia so I thought I'd start one. She's a wonderful person to deal with! She bought a Warrick from me on layaway & made payments promptly & let me know as soon as he arrived. I'd be happy to do any sort of business with her again & highly recommend her to all other buyers & sellers.
    2. I bought a doll from fauxfaia, and the entire transaction was hassle-free and pleasant. She made sure to keep me up-to-date during the whole process and was prompt about shipping. Thanks so much!
    3. Hi! I bought a DIM Minimee Loz head from Ashley and I can say that she is very nice to deal with. She granted my request to send the head internationally (even if she stated that she cannot), and also offered a cheaper alternative shipping for me. When we thought that the head will not arrive to my place she did not hesitate to offer a full refund. I feel so grateful that she is willing to refund me even if it means that she'll lose both money and the doll head. The great thing is, after a few days the head arrived to me safely and well packaged (it came with some doodles and a note) so she doesn't need to refund me anymore! Definitely will do business with her again in the future. Thanks a lot! ^__^