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Feedback for Felias Beast

Mar 1, 2008

    1. Hello everyone!

      The last time I bought very much and now I think it is time to create a feedback thread!
      It would be nice if you post if the transaction was okay! ^__^
      Thank you very very much
      Felias Beast - Jasmin
    2. FeliasBeast comissioned a wig from me and she is wonderful to work with!

      Shes easy to communicate to and very friendly.

      She payed promptly and in the method I asked and I was very very happy to do business with her!
    3. Felias Beast bought a doll head from me. Good communication and quick and easy transaction. Very good to work with!
    4. Felias Beast bought some eyes from me. Very fast payment and she kept me up to date with every part of the purchase. Very nice and friendly communiation. giving her an A+++++ for such smooth transaction . - Barb in MA
    5. Felias beast joined my Dollmore group order and everything went perfect ^^

      Lovely person to deal with, thanks so much! <3
    6. Felias Beast bought a sd body from me, with a super fast payment, and promptly she let me know about the arrive.
      It was a smooth transaction, great person to deal with! Thanks again!
    7. Felias Beast bought a jacket from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    8. Felias Beast bought a NS Migidoll Miho head from me. A very communicative buyer who sent a very fast payment! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks very much for a perfect transaction! :)
    9. I made a great deal with Felias and exchanged my Dolkot Body for her School A head. She is very nice and sweet, packed the head very safely and shipped very fast^^
    10. Felias Beast purchased a doll from me and was great to deal with throughout. Very friendly communication and kept in touch letting me know when it arrived safely.
      I would certainly deal with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her very highly.

      Thankyou :)
    11. Like always, a wonderful transaction with Felias. She's a great person to deal with, would recommend her to anyone!
      Thanks love!
    12. Felias Beast was in my Leeke GO. She is a very nice, friendly and polite person to deal with:) It was a very pleasant transaction. Thank you! :)
    13. i bought a rosa underwear set from Felias Beast ,she is a lovely seller and shipped my item fast,also in nice condition,thank you very much :)
    14. Felias Beast took part in my dollmore GO. great person to work with and would happily do so again.
      Also a lovely person to PM ^^

      Thankyou for taking part in the GO!
    15. Felias Beast participated in my Leekeworld May GO and everything went smoothly! Thank you very much!
    16. Felias Beast participated in my late June Nine9 Style group order and everything went wonderfully well. Communication is well deserving of an 'A+' as well a the swiftness in which payments are made. A great transaction from start to finish. ;) What else is left to say?

      :clover Thankies! n_n :clover
    17. Jasmin bought a pair of urethane eyes from me and she is really great to deal with and such a sweet person and she even takes the time and letting me know she received the package safely!:D
      Thanks so much again Jasmin for a wonderful smooth transaction!:aheartbea Will deal with her again:pcupcake
    18. Felias Beast just ordered a Delf girl-sized lingerie from my shop, and she was wonderful! Her communication is very consistent and friendly, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction on my part. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--it's been a pleasure working with you! :aheartbea ^__^
    19. Felias Beast bought a wig from me, great transaction!!

      Fast payment, and really kind! :aheartbea
    20. Felias Beast joined my August Leeke GO, she paid promptly and answered all PMs in good time. i would gladly work with her again ^^