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Feedback for FemaleIchigo

Mar 2, 2008

    1. If I have bought anything from you OR I have sold you anything from me then please leave feedback here :) thank you~~
    2. I'd deal with FemaleIchigo again without hesitation. I bought a head from her, she sent it the next day and she paid for the first class postage. It was one of the fastest BJD transactions I've experienced! The head was very well packed and it arrived in perfect condition. She was also great to deal with, keeping in touch throughout the sale and it was very enjoyable :)
    3. femaleichigo took part in a group order I did for Daigo Stardust Minimee heads. She was very quick with her payment and had excellent communication all the time and very friendly. Highly recommended!

      Thank you very much ^^
    4. I have bought femaleichigo a pair of eyes. The contact was very nice and I have got the eyes very quick. thank you
    5. I sold a Shiwoo head to FemaleIchingo ^_^

      She asked for a layaway, but was able to pay it off much faster than expected, so I was very pleased <3 Very prompt payment and lovely communication.

      I reall hope this boy finds home with you, sweetie! <3
    6. Sold a modded Kdoll head to her!!
      She was a very great buyer! and a very quick payment too!!
      Thank you very much, dear.
    7. Bought Dollmore Pado from her - she's great to deal with, let me know when he was posted, and he came wrapped with loving care (and pants to preserve his dollie dignity)! Much appreciated, hon!
    8. I just sold a pair of eyes to her. Super fast payment and very kind! Thanks a lot! ^__^v
    9. FemaleIchigo bought one of my puki wigs and it was a very good transaction with speedy communication and payment. Great Buyer!! A+++ :)
    10. I sold a luts wig to femaleichigo. She paid fast and communicate well. A very good buyer. Thanks!
    11. Femaleichigo bought a Luts NS Boy Body from me on layaway, and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. :aheartbea A pleasure to deal with - thank you for helping me bring home my Bianka!
    12. FemaleIchigo bought a body from. Was freindly and very good communication. Paid right as well. Would def. sell to again!
    13. Great selling transaction - she purchased some kelly clothing sets from me. Prompt payment and great communication. I would definately do business with her again.
    14. Sold some SD accessories to FemaleIchigo, was paid promptly. Thanks ever so much! :)
    15. femaleichigo participated in my dollmore group order. ^^ Payments and communication were fast- As the host for the group order I couldn't ask for more! ^^ A pleasure to deal with~ Thank you!
    16. Awesome to deal with. Replies to PM promptly. I'd like to have another transaction with her in the future.
    17. I get my ordered wig today from FemaleIchigo and it's in great condition, I'm very pleased with the whole transaction and FemaleIchigos fast answering on PMs.

      Thank you very much^^

      (sorry, my english is poor ;_;)
    18. I bought two pairs of shoes. Thay arrived quickly and are very nice. Thanks!!
    19. purchased some wigs! they arrived quickly, and safely packed!! would buy from again!! :D
    20. I responded to FemaleIchigo's WTB thread and she purchased my Shiwoo Dreaming head. Her communication was excellent and she paid promptly! I would love to do business with her again!