Feedback for fenn_bjd

Oct 23, 2016

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    2. Just received my Souldoll Yeon-Bee from fenn_bjd! Packaged perfectly and shipped quickly! Excellent communication and the entire transaction was quick and easy. Would absolutely recommend, they're a fantastic seller and even included really cute extras!
    3. I sold an Impldoll Star male body to fenn_bjd! Communication was wonderful, payment was prompt and he let me know as soon as the body arrived. Highly recommended, thanks so much!!
    4. I sold a Soom Koori outfit to fenn_bjd. Excellent communication, fast payment and a pleasure to deal with. Perfect transaction. Thank you.
    5. Fenn_bjd bought Fairyland minifee Marcia from me. He paid imeddiatly and whole transaction was smooth and perfect! I totaly recomend Fenn_bjd as international buyer. ^_^
    6. Purchased a Dollstown Hue head from fenn_bjd. He packed the head perfectly and shipped super quickly. I am super happy I was able to get this long discontinued head by Dollstown. Hue was my favorite for over eight years. Now I can create this boy again.
      Thanks Matthew.