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feedback for fenris

May 12, 2008

    1. please post any feedback for me if i have had a transaction with you here on doa. feedback of any nature is welcome! :)

    2. Fenris is a great person to adopt a dollie to! She adopted my Juri 06 and I couldn't be happier with the whole situation!! Thank you so much Fenris for giving this lovely girl a great new home!
    3. Fenris was part of my Fairyland GO, she original joined a split that ended up not having all parts claimed, and ended up getting a whole doll XD she was really nice and understanding ^_^ I was very happy working with her and she paid promptly given the chance I'd be more then happy to work with her again ^o^~ Thank you Fenris!
    4. fenris bought a FeePle Nanuri '08 head from me and it was a wonderful transaction from start to finish. She was excellent with communication and she paid promptly. I definitely recommend her as a buyer, and I'd love to deal with her again in the future. :)
    5. fenris took part in another GO of mine ^^ I find her to be one of the nicest people to deal with. I love working with fenris and am already running another GO that she has joined!
    6. I bought a trike for my Pukis from her. Fabulous communication and fast shipping. I was extremely happy with my transaction and would gladly work with her again. :)
    7. Just boguht a Puki-sized trike from [/FenrisCOLOR] and the transaction, communication and everything went as smoothly and well as could possily be expected

      THANK YOU!!!

    8. Fenris took part in a pupa GO that I organized. Very nice to deal with, patient and made payment on time. Thanks.
    9. I bought a toy trike for my Puki from fenris, and the transaction went very smoothly....she had great communication and prompt shipping! Thanks for everything! :)
    10. fenris bought a puki outfit from me, and she was lovely to deal with in every way - excellent communication from start to finish and prompt payment. I would happily do business with her any time!

      Thanks for a smooth transaction! :D

    11. You are very very good buyer , your kindness,friendship and praise really encourage me to keep working for the whole doll world ,and let me deeply feel the trust ,friendship ,kindness during our transaction . I am a glass doll eyes manufacturer , I enjoy the praise from you after my hard work,to be honest , I am really willing to work for you again and try to do my best to make the top quality and service for the wonderful doll world .to let all of us to feel the trust and friendship between the people and make the happyness for each other are more important than the money , and feel our work are meaningful and life are really happy . Any requirements including the special requirement which no people can do ,please feel free to contact me .
      thank you again!
      Your friend :Lu ​
    12. I bought a Minimee head from fenris and it was a great transaction--she shipped promptly, packed carefully and took the extra step of being sure to get a signature to be sure I got it safely! So wonderful! Thank you!
    13. Fenris bought a pair of slim mini pants from me. The transaction went smoothly and they paid promptly and answered all pms quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again :) A++++++
    14. fenris bought some ED eyes from me. She payed promptly, communication was a breeze, and she let me know when they arrived! Fantastic transaction. Great buyer =]
    15. Bought a headback from me and there was great communication and swift payment. Thanks so much!
    16. fenris purchased a hoodie from my sales thread and was a pleasure to work with. :) I highly recommend her! Thank you for a smooth transaction!
    17. Positive: Fen participated in my SOOM split. She paid on time and communication was clear and concise. Thank you!
    18. I'd like to leave enthusiastic feedback for fenris, I have bought nothing from her. :lol: However she ended up accidentally receiving a head I'd purchased in a split we were both in, and she was quite lovely, engaged with the split leader and me straightaway and made sure good arrangements were in-place for the handoff of the item; she also offered to mail out to me straightaway, but meeting up was just as lovely. I know it's not traditional feedback, but I consider this part of my transaction, a delightful part! I would be thrilled to 'do business' with fenris in the future, she is wonderful and ensured my item was delivered to me safely and soundly. Thank-you, it means a lot to me! :)

    19. I had a super smooth transaction with Fenris. She bought some clothes from me, paid promptly and notified me when they arrived. I would love tyo do business with her anytime! Thanks!
    20. Fenris bought some laptops from me. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you for such a lovely transaction. Would love to work with you again!