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Feedback for Ferret-hime

Jan 8, 2007

    1. If we've done business, please leave me feedback and I'll do the same. :D
    2. Ferret-hime commissioned me for a body blushing and a re-string on her lovely tanned CP El, Amel -- the whole process was wonderfully hassle-free.

      Thank you Tessa~
    3. Ferret-hime bought a jumpsuit from me and the whole transaction was totally smooth and friendly! Thanks! ^__^
    4. Ferret-hime bought VOLKS LUNA from me.

      Although I originally have never expected this transaction to last for a little more than half year , she really showed her commitment throughout the entire transaction:)

      She is sweet and honest, and she showed me her best effort to bring LUNA home as her new member, and I am also happy that her LUNA arrived home during Thanksgiving week.:celebrate

      An A+ person to do business with :lol:
    5. Ferret-hime commissioned a faceup from me. Friendly to deal with and smooth transaction. Thank you!
    6. Ferret-Hime bought an SD wig from me. She was very pleasant to deal with, paid promptly and was sweet enough to let me know when it arrived!

      A pleasure to deal with!
    7. Ferret-hime commissioned me for a faceup for her little MNF Shiwoozle, and it was a fine time! Very smooth transaction and she paid immediately. She even let me know when he arrived back safely to her.

      Thank you for letting me add such a darling little boy to my portfolio!
    8. I traded a pair of eyes with Ferret-hime :) She was really friendly and keep me update on when she shipped the eyes and received mine. Everything was perfect, thanks again!
    9. I bought a luna wig and the transaction was absolutely PERFECT!! She kept in touch with me the whole time... my limited wig arrived VERY safely boxed and packed which I REALLY truly appreciated... and I got the most adorable, tiniest handwritten note you've ever seen.

      thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    10. Ferret-hime bought an argyle shirt from us and we had a great transaction. Great communication and a real sweetie to deal with. Thanks so much!!
    11. I bought a Volks SD body from Ferret Hime. She had great communication, FAST shipping and was very pleasant and HONEST person to buy from. I would buy from again. Thank you.
    12. I bought an older Luts wig from Ferret-hime. She kept in touch, shipped quickly, and was forthcoming about any complications. My wig arrived boxed and packed as well as I've ever seen :o! I would buy from her again with no hesitation. <3
    13. Ferret-hime just bought a pair of Soom eyes from me, and was a delight to deal with! She communicated very well, paid immediately, and was nice enough to let me know that the package had arrived safely. Definitely recommended! :)
    14. Tessa/Ferret-hime joined in my Crobidoll grouporder. She kept in touch the entire time, and made it easy for me. :)

      Thank you!
    15. I sold a pair of pants and boots to Ferret-hime. She communicated with me throughout the sale. I recommend her.
    16. Ferret-hime; sold me one of my dream dolls. She sent it well packed, priority with insurance :) Thanks!

    17. I've sold Ferret-hime a pair of jeans and transaction was very good!
      Good communication ! Thanks for all !
    18. I've buy her very beautiful MNF Shiwoo - He's so amazing!!!
      She is a very nice seller and do all perfect. I love her:fangirl:

      Thanks a lot for my new little Guy^^
    19. Bought a really great kstarr wig from ferret-hime. It was a great, quick transaction. Her prices are really good and she was very nice!

    20. I bought Okita Souji's outfit & wig from Ferret-hime, they were well-packed in a sturdy box and I'm very pleased with them.
      She's a good seller and I recommend her :)