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Feedback for FeyFriend

Oct 5, 2010

    1. I suppose that I should have one of these.
    2. I bought a hat from FeyFriend , and it was a great transaction! It was shipped quickly and in a sturdy box, and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    3. Did a MNF swap with FeyFriend who also organized it. They was very helpful and was understanding. The items got shipped quickly even though i was late to get a partner, but FeyFriend made sure everything got sorted. I got a Tunic/jacket and a cloak for my girl. It was nice working with FeyFriend and i am enjoying doing swaps. Thanks again. :)
    4. I was lucky enough to rehome a Feeple Ashley with FeyFriend! Since she was one of my original grail dolls, it was important to me that she go to a home where she'd be loved, and I was super happy when Fey told me she'd be welcome in her home.

      Communication was great, and she paid when she said she would. She was patient with me when I had a couple days' delay in shipping, and let me know as soon as she arrived! Plus, she shared photos! It's always heartwarming to see pictures of a doll you've loved in their new loving home.

      I'd happily do business with Fey again in the future!