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Feedback for fiathriel (calling traders from last year please)

Feb 25, 2008

    1. Hi guys,

      I did a little bit of trading last year and bought some items when I first got my Hara, some wigs, clothes and eyes.

      When we lost of PMs recently I didn't notice the thread in time and couldn't back mine up, so now I have no feedback, I'd appreciate if you recognise my username if you could leave feedback. I do have pics of the items if I'm allowed I could post them here.


    2. Bought a Bobobie Weylin head from me! Great buyer!
    3. fiathriel bought a doll from me. Fast payment, polite communication, lovely buyer overall. Thank you. ^^
    4. Fiathriel bought a Dolkot Hara from me and was very friendly and fast with payment. Would definately sell to again!
    5. I bought an outfit from fiathriel. It took awhile to arrive, but what can you expect from Aussie --> USA shipping?^^;;; Communication was good and it arrived in great condition.
    6. I bought a head from fiathriel. Fast shipment - the head arrived securely wrapped. Would definitely buy again!
    7. This is very belated feedback for Fiatrhiel, from whom I bought a beautiful Kimono. Thanks for the excellent service----I'm sorry you lost your feedback!
    8. Great feedback for the lovely fiathriel: The originator of a DiM MiniMEE GO I co-helped with. Wonderful to work with. Easy to get a hold of. Reliable! Prompt! All around great DoA-er! Thanks for making my first GO run smoothly, couldn't have done it without you!
    9. Fiathriel bought a body and an item of clothing from me. She paid really fast and communicated throughout the sale. A great buyer!! Thank you!
    10. Fiathrel bought a wig and a pair of eyes from me :) She responded to PMs quickly and paid right away ^ ^ A pleasure to deal with!
    11. I bought a kumagoro hat from fiathriel
      She responds to PM's very quickly and posted out the item super fast too :D
      Cheers :)

    12. Fiathriel bought two pairs of eyes from me, everything went great! Good communication, prompt payment, let me know when they arrived, all that good stuff. :)
    13. fiathriel participated in my Dollmore GO, and also commissioned me for 2 faceups. She was lovely to deal with: friendly, excellent communication, paid promptly, and also repaid promptly when I realised one of the payments was miscalculated. She also let me know when everything arrived. I'd recommend her to anybody ;) Thanks girl!
    14. Bought a pair of eyes from me. Excellent communication & fast payment. Fiathriel also let me know when the item arrived, thanks heaps!!
    15. Fiathriel bought some eyes from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Always friendly and prompt. Highly recommended :)
    16. I sold a wig and outfit to fiathriel and was a pleasure to deal with, great communication, thanks so much for a pleasant transaction! Definitely recommended!
    17. I sold one doi body to fiathriel, she is very friendly and communicate well. I think I will be glad to do exchange with her again.
    18. Sold 2 outfits and a wig to fiathriel who was very friendly and wonderful to deal with. Communication was good and payment was fast. A wonderful buyer. Thank you.
    19. I participated in a group order run by fiathriel and everything went perfectly! She kept us all updated on the status of the order and communication with her was excellent. Thanks very much! =]
    20. I joined a group order fiathriel hosted. She was very patient with me, comminucation was excellent :)