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Feedback for Fin Raziel

Jan 9, 2012

    1. Please post here if we do business. Thank you so much!
    2. Fin Raziel commissioned me for some commission work and everything went great! Shipped quickly, let me know when the box arrived back home, and was a great customer! Thanks! ^^
    3. Perfect transaction with Fin Raziel who purchased a Feeple Chloe from me. Payment was very fast and communication was great. An excellent buyer. Thanks!
    4. Fin Raziel bought a fullset Chrom from me. She paid in full immediately. She's quite nice. I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with her. She's the best type of buyer a seller can hope for. Thank you so much! :D
    5. Fin Raziel ordered an outfit in my commission studio. I got the payment very fast, everything went smooth and simply perfect. The communication was also really nice :) Thank you and I hope that we will trade again in the future!
    6. Fin Raziel participated in my Dollmore GO and was great to work with! We communicated well through our transactions and she was very clear in PMs and thread posts. Payments were also very fast (almost instant!) and I was even notified of the package arrival. ^_^

      Overall I would definitely work with her again!
    7. Fin Raziel bought a white SID Iplehouse outfit from me. It was a perfect transaction - she paid right away and was wonderful to deal with! She even kindly let me know the package arrived safely. She is the nicest person and I would be delighted to deal with her again. Thank you!
    8. Fin bought my SOOM Azur from me :) She paid very quickly and let me know when he arrived! Thank you so much! I would definitely do business with her again! ^_^
    9. I did two faceups, a helmet paint, nail paint for Fin Raziel and her wife. I contacted them after they had a bad deal with another artist. They were very precise on what they wanted and quick to respond. They were patient with me when I had family troubles and my grandfather passed. I would paint any of their dolls again. They are wonderful customers. ^^ Thank you again!!
    10. I sold a Leeke C doll to Fin Raziel. Transaction was smooth and pleasant and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to them again. Thanks so much!
    11. Just bought a head from her. Fastest transaction ever. I inquired and paid on Friday and had the head in hand Monday, well-packed too. I'd certainly be happy to business with her again.
    12. Fin Raziel recently took part in my twenty-fourth Leekeworld POV order and was a wonderful person to transact with. Communication from their end was consistently well kept and invoices were responded to swiftly. The transaction was smooth, easy and lacking in flaw; I would happily work with them again.

    13. Fin Raziel ordered a second outfit from my Beyond Wonderland commission studio. The communication was great as always, I had a lot of references to work with. Fin Raziel is also very mature,patient and understands the mechanisms of commissioning well, so that I can work freely and without pressure. Payment is always fast and gives me time to buy necessary fabrics. I hope we will trade a lot in the future, too. Thank you ! <3
    14. I purchased a Fairyland Siean faceplate and was very pleased. Was quick to respond and the package shipped really fast. The face plate was packaged REALLY well and I loved the little card. Thank you again!
    15. Fantastic and flexible! Great layaway! Would buy from again.
    16. I responded to @Fin Raziel 's WTB thread for a complete Soom Time Voyager outfit. Friendly and prompt communication, sent payment as promised and let me know once she received her outfit. I couldn't be happier with this transaction and wouldn't hesitate to deal with Fin Raziel again. Thank you!