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Feedback for Finch

Sep 22, 2006

    1. If you've bought something from me, or had any sort of dealings with me, please post here!
    2. ohh boy have I bought from her!!!

      The jumpers are magnificent. Her work is top class and I intend to buy more.

      The kitty hat is adorable and now my George wants one. Soon I will post photos of the great Mod knit dress Finch did for my Nana.

    3. I bought Finch's handmade BLEACH style waraji. AWESOME. Superb craftmanship, and they are such a unique look for my Egg! Thank you again! :D
    4. I commissioned a sweater from Finch and was very pleased with it.
    5. I commissioned two sweaters from Finch, and they are just too cool. She was very patient with the entire transaction, even when we had a bit of a shortage with the yarn. Great quality, great to deal with!
    6. I commissioned a Slytherin Quidditch sweater and it's AWESOME. Great communication and shipped in a timely manner. Thank you so much!
    7. I commisioned a Slytherin vest for my girl from Finch. Fantastically made, shipped in a timely manner, and very pleasant to do business with. ^^ Will definately commision again. :)
    8. The link on your homepage for here to this thread doesn't work.

      I recieved the sweaters yesterday, and I was amazed with the quality of them. It's very tight knit and I'm sure I could shove them on my feet and be toasty warm. No gaps or loose bits at all. VEeeeery pleased I am!

      taking pictures of Nigel in them. I'll send some to you when I get one that looks good. <3 THANK YOU!
    9. I commissioned a sprite sweater from Finch for Anne. It arrived in about a week in a bubble-wrap envelope. It fits her very well, considering she was working from measurements. Anne tried to put a thumb hole in it already, but it didn't affect the sweater at all. It's all that I imagined and more! She's very good at what she does, and very fast. Order with confidence!

    10. Doh! I forgot to leave feedback! I commissioned Finch to create a Super Seekrit Item for a swap. She worked fast, created an absolutely perfect item, shipped quickly and the item was packaged very well. As soon as The Behemoth has his face done and is ready for clothing, will be ordering again.

      Thank you so much, Finch! I may have to get another of these in a bigger size soon :D
    11. I commissioned Finch to make a Harry Potter scarf and sweater for my dolls. She did a wonderful job and shipped quickly.
      Great communications, highly recommend!