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Feedback for Firo

Jun 30, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a thread, so let me start one :)

      Firo bought a Soom Heliot wig from me. She was super sweet and patient with me while I got shipping quotes and then when I had a delay in shipment. She kept good communication throughout the transaction, and was just generally a pleasure to deal with! Thanks so much!
    2. Had a wonderful transaction with Firo, I sold her my Heliot master hands. Communication was great, let me know when the payment would be made and when they arrived safely. Thanks again!
    3. I sold my Soom Aphan goat head to Firo and she was great to deal with. Payment was prompt and she let me know when she received the package. I always appreciate that.

      I would definitely sell to her again.
    4. Firo bought some jelly bracelets from me communication was good payment was quick and even lets me know when it arrives
    5. Hi

      I am sorry for this late feedback Firo. Many things had came up and I've been super busy.

      I had bought a Pixydoll Van head from Firo on a short layaway. Her communication was excellent and she was super nice! I can't believe she was willing to help me find other ways of payment for me to pay her. She was just absolutely fabulous. This transaction went smoothly. Firo shipped out my head in a timely manner and it arrived here quickly. :D I would love to buy from her again. :aheartbea

      Thank you so much for my lovely boy. I'm totally in love with him! He just needs a body now. >w<;

      - Lum Out -
    6. I shipped out a clothing set to Firo courtesy of Goodbye Naked!
      She paid the shipping quickly, and was lovely to do a transaction with!

      Enjoy! :D
    7. Firo bought a School A head from me! Payment was very quick and communication was pleasant, I'd definitely do business with this buyer again! Thanks!
    8. Firo bought a Soom Grit from me with a short layaway. Payments were prompt and came on time. Communication was excellent and very pleasant. She let me know when the package had arrived, that's always a plus. I would gladly do business with her again. Thanks again Firo! :D
    9. Firo bought a tiny boy from me. It was a wondrful transaction from start to end! I highly recommend her with utmost sincerity. Thank you ~;)
    10. Firo bought a soom Glati from me. Communication was good, she even paid the layaway off early, and let me know as soon as he arrived. Good transaction!
    11. Firo bought a LUTS Cane Head from me. She paid fast, was always nice and easy to communicate with and very understanding about the shipping circumstances. Thank you very much! Highly recommended ^_^
    12. Firo bought a DOD Kalix from me. The transaction was super smooth, she paid fast, was wonderfully friendly, great great with communication! She was wonderful to work with and I'd highly recommend. Thanks again! :)
    13. Firo bought an Orientdoll boy from me... Great communication and prompt payment - thanks!

    14. I sold a wig to Firo it was a perfect transaction. Thank you so much.
    15. Firo sold me her Drayton girl... a dream coming true for me, with a friendly and patient transaction. she provided me with lot of pics, and shipped the lady unstrung, but very well and carefully packed, with signs on each little package :-3 restringing has never been so easy!
      thank you so much for this wonderful transaction!
    16. Whoops! Forgot to leave feedback! Firo bought a Dream of Doll Hoo from me a few months back. The transaction went smoothly and she let me know as soon as he arrived. Wonderful communication, perfect customer.
    17. I bought a Taco Dragon Tail from Firo. The communication was kind and fast. She is a great seller!
      I can only recommend trading with her. Thanks, Firo!
    18. Firo bought a custom painted Luts 08'man head from me on layaway - she was wonderful to work with, she always made her payments ahead of schedule, kept in touch and also let me know when the head safely arrived to her.

      I hope you'll enjoy your new doll for a long time!
    19. Firo bought Volks Irvin from me on layaway. It was a very wonderful and pleasant experience. She was very clear about her schedule, paid on time, and kept great communication. I would love to do business with her again!
    20. I've bought the Heliot head from Firo. It was great transaction! Firo is very friendly and reliable seller! Recommended ^^ special thanks for one-day-deal! :)