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Feedback For Flayrah

May 2, 2011

    1. Hi, this is where you can leave feedback for me. Thanks! :3
    2. I sold my DZ fur coat to Flayrah and the transaction was great! She paid on time, the communication and told me when the package arrived. I would do business with her again!
    3. Flayrah's behavior was unreasonable when I had to pull out of a sale after paying a depoist. I can not recommend her as a seller.
    4. I purchased a DZ Yuu from Flayrah. She was very nice, shipped the doll quickly and was a great seller to deal with. Thanks so much! ^_^
    5. I recently sold a modded Chrom head to Flayrah on layaway. Very nice and over all a great transaction! Thank you very much!
    6. I sold an undies set to Flayrah, and everything was awesome - quick to respond and to make payment, no fuss no muss. Thanks so much for letting me know they arrived!
    7. Flayra bought a Spiritdoll Abies on layaway and communicated throughout and even paid off early! She let me know he arrived safely and that she was happy with him. Really appreciate the fun and flawless transaction --- thanks so much!!!
    8. Flayra bought a pant and shirt set and a sweater from me.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very much.^___^
    9. Flayra bought a pair of shoes from my workshop
      Friendly and kindly buyer, communication very fast
      Feedback fast when she got her goods
      Highly recommended buyer
    10. I bought a DollZone Orlando from Flayrah. She was absolutely amazing during the entire transaction. Quick to respond and shipped quickly! She was understanding when my payments had to be changed and became a little sporadic and when my cutie arrived she was extremely well packed. I'd never seen so much bubble wrap!! Thank you so much for being so awesome!!! I would recommend her as a seller any day.
    11. Flayrah purchase an Iplehouse body from me. She was prompt, payment was fast and direct and everything was smooth! POSITIVE!
    12. I bought from Flayrah her Doll Chateau Russell and everything went very well :) Very friendly and responded right away when I made a payment to courteously let me know it was recieved :) all in all I would not hesitate to purchase from again! :D thank you so much for the awesome transaction!:celebrate
    13. I sold a Simply Divine Thomas head to Flayrah and couldn't ask for a better buyer, everything was super smooth and she was lovely to communicate with.
      I hope you enjoy him! :)
    14. I sold some 70cm trousers to Flayrah and it has been an absolute pleasure. Very polite and friendly, easy transaction and they let me know when the item arrived :) Thank you so much and I would not hesitate to do business with again!

      Many thanks! 10/10
    15. Positive feedback
      Flayrah bought two sd shirts from me and was wonderful to deal with and always had quick communication and even let me know when the shirts arrived.:)
      I highly recommend Flayrah and would be happy to work with them again .:thumbup
      Thank you so much Flayrah!