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Feedback for FlightOfIcarus

Apr 20, 2011

    1. It's about time!
      Feedback thread for FlightOfIcarus
    2. I ordered a pair of wings from FlightOfIcarus. She responded fast and was easy to talk to. I was amazed with the wings! I would totally commisson her again XD
    3. FlightOfIcarus bought a pair of my B&G hands. The transaction couldnt have gone more smoothly. Thank you so much!
    4. I had a great transaction with FlightOfIcarus. She was quick with payment, funny and friendly in PMs, and very understanding when the USPS's website decided to SNAFU. Thank you so much!!
    5. I sold a LUTS doll head to FlightOfIcarus.
      It was wonderful transaction, fast payment, great communication.
      Highly recommend for her XD
    6. I adore spamming pictures of the wings I bought from her. I feel confident telling people to head to her for their own commissions. ^^
    7. Sold some eyes to her. Overall great transaction :)
    8. I sold some eyes to FlightOfIcarus, it was a smooth transaction! She has great communication and paid quickly. :D
    9. FlightOfIcarus bought 3 pants for sd13 boy from me. The transaction is smooth with fast payment. Hope to trade with you again~~^^
    10. I commissioned a pair of wings from FlightofIcarus.

      Overall, the transaction went really smoothly - it was a little bit slow, but I was given frequent updates on what was happening, so at no time did I feel in any sense worried about the transaction.

      The quality of the wings is amazing! I can't get over how beautiful they are. I would quite happily do business with FlightofIcarus again. =)
    11. I commissioned a pair of angel wings from FlightOfIcarus.

      The wait time was abit longer than estimated but there were frequent updates, friendly communication, my wings are beautiful and were wrapped up carefully and securely when I received them. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with FlightOfIcarus again. Thank you so much!
    12. I commissioned a pair of adorable wings from Icarus for my tiny angel.
      She was charming, friendly and I cannot recommend her enough!!!
      I will deal with her again soon in the future!!!
      Thank you my dear!!!
    13. I commissioned a pair of MSD wings and had a few special requirements that I wanted. FlightOfIcarus was very willing to tackle the job, communication was always friendly, prompt and when there was a bit of a delay from a sizing issue, she was quick to let me know. The wings arrived in a timely fashion, well packaged and are gorgeous. I can't wait to get them on my boy so he can finally be complete.

      It was a pleasure to do business with her and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again.
    14. *positive*

      I commissioned a pair of wings from FlightOfIcarus, and wow, she does beautiful work. Communication was great, and she's super friendly and great to talk with. :) I gave her references for what I wanted, and the wings were even more than what I had hoped for in design. We had problems with the post, though- the first pair arrived badly damaged in transit despite the reinforced box. She was extremely gracious and went above and beyond to make this right, though- she sent another pair, along with some supplies to try to fix the first with as a project. Unfortunately, despite the even more reinforced box and many fragile stickers, the post damaged pair two as well- though not as badly, I think I can fix it without much trouble.

      I am more than satisfied, though, and would happily commission her again... though after talking with local BJD friends, it sounds like if you're shipping from (parts of?) Canada to (at least) mid-CA, USA, it might be best to ask to ship with a third-party carrier (FedEx, DHL, etc) instead of Canada Post as it sounds like these were not isolated incidents with CP to here.

      Thanks so much for all the effort, and the gorgeous wings! :aheartbea
    15. Icarus buy my Leeke wigs 5ea :) , payment is very smooth and fast and friendly talk :-)

      Thank you so much and great buyer !! ^___^
    16. FlightOfIcarus brought a pair of MSD headphones from me. Payment was prompt and everything went smoothly.
    17. FlightOfIcarus bought a Tata SD13 leopard shirt from me. Prompt payment, smooth transaction & great experience! I would definitely deal with again! Thanks!! :)
    18. I had a great transaction with FlightOfIcarus. She was quick with payment, friendly in PMs. Recommended. ^^
    19. FlightOfIcarus has purchased an Edria head from me.
      Payment was prompt and communication was great. Highly recommended buyer !
      Thank you so much for buying the head from me !
    20. I bought a Luts 09 summer event head from FlightOfIcarus. That was an amazing experience. She answered my every question patiently and ship rapidly.Thanks a lot!