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Feedback for flower_sceptre

Oct 2, 2008

    1. I sold a doll to flower_sceptre, she was always quick with emails and sent payment promptly. She was great to do business with! :)
    2. Bought a doll from flower_sceptre and she was a fantastic seller.

      She sent the doll straight away, the doll was in perfect condition and was wrapped securely and prettily ^^
    3. I bought a Puki Sugar from Flower_sceptre and I have been very happy. She sent the doll very fast, packaged her very well. The doll was in perfect condition. So it was a perfect transaction ! :)
    4. Flower_sceptre bought some boots from me, and it was a real pleasure. Payment was prompt, communication was fast and friendly, I would love to do business again!
    5. flower_sceptre bought a set of masterpiece blind eyes from me and was awesome to deal with. Fast payment and friendly communication, highly recommended!
    6. flower_sceptre sold a doll to me, Supia Yan, with lots and lots of extras.
      Very friendly and fast communication, shipped promptly (and apologized for a one-day delay)) and safely. I'm really happy with the transaction =^____^=
    7. Just received a head bought from flower_sceptre.

      Good communication and satisfactory transaction.


    8. Purchased a tiny anthro from flower_sceptre recently. Transaction was just great all around, doll arrived in fine shape. Thank you :aheartbea
    9. OMG! I bought a Soom Glot from Flower Sceptre... and I can't say enough good things about the whole transaction :aheartbea

      A fantastic seller, great communication (and very friendly too ^^) and to be honest, one of the most immaculate and best packed dolls I have ever recieved :D

      Would be thrilled to do business with flower again :)
    10. I just received a Happydoll Dorothy purchased from flower_sceptre. This person is the very definition of kind and delightful to work with. Dorothy and all her extras were, to say the least, an unwieldy sized package to try to ship internationally just before Christmas, but she went out of her way to get the doll in the mail, even paying extra on shipping on her own just so it wouldn't take so long to get here. (She's going to be reimbursed the extra in just a minute here, even though she doesn't know that yet ;) ).

      Wonderful seller!
    11. I bought a Soom Mint from flower_sceptre and it was a perfect transaction. She was very friendly and sweet with her replies. She sent the package super fast! I just love when everything goes so smoothly.
      Thank you!! :)