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Feedback for foolbot

Sep 30, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback for me here if I have bought from/sold to you! :) Thanks!
    2. I bought a face-up for my Dollstown Seola from foolbot. The result was just like I wanted it. Good communication and excellent work! :D
    3. foolbot bougth a DIM minimee head from me. Perfect communication and very quick payment.
      A pleasure to do business with!
      Thank you so much!! ^^
    4. I bought a great Rao Feng head from foolbot. It was a perfect transaction! Great comms! Quick ship! And he's so cute!!!
    5. Sold a pair of Glass eyes to foolbot.... very fast payment as well as very friendly. great person and hope you enjoy the eyes...

      Thanks for the pictures and letting me know they came in :)
    6. I commissioned a face-up from foolbot. She was great to work with, communication was brilliant and she's very friendly and patient.

      The face up is totally brilliant, she painted my boy exactly how I wanted him and I couldn't be happier.
    7. foolbot bought a pair of metallic eyes from me,
      very fast payment and communication was great.
      foolbot is a great pleasure to deal with!!
    8. I bought her AOD Gu head.

      Communications had been very smooth and I love her for that. :)

    9. Foolbot bought a SD head from me. Communication was great and payment was super fast! I would highly recommend her!:D
    10. I commissioned Emma (foolbot) to body blush and put two tattoos on my DZ Yue. She's very friendly and helpful.
      The tattoos are GORGEOUS and I'm so happy with them, and the body blushing is awesome, and he looks so good. She took great care of him, and I'm now thinking of more tattoos to commission Emma to do :) Thanks!
    11. I bought an Angel of Dream body from Emma. The shipping was a little slow but it was well worth the wait. The body is in very good condition and Emma was very understand and kind to work with. :)
    12. I commissioned foolbot to give my two girls a faceup. Her work is really beautiful, I love the face´s of my two girls.:fangirl:
      Communication was no problem at all, and the heads arrived very fast and safe packed.
      I would highly recommend her.:aheartbea
    13. Foolbot painted my Dollzone Mo and she did a fantastic job! :D I'm so happy with the outcome and he looks exactly how I wanted him. Comminucation was great throughout and Foolbot was fast to ship him home after he was finished. I can't recommend enough the high quality and professionalism of this artist and I look forward to future commissions. Thank you so much! <3
    14. I commissioned Footbot too repaint my Volks F16, Gene. Her work is UNREAL. She sent pics of all the steps and then asked if I wanted any changes before sprayed and glossed him. Perfect communication! This lovely young lady has given Gene a new lease of life. <3333
    15. I commissioned foolbot to re-do the faceup on my DZ Yue.
      She kept me updated, and she was very friendly.
      He was done quickly, and shipped off. He arrived home, and he's PERFECT!

      I was thinking of selling him, but now he's mine! I'm so happy :)
      Thank you!
    16. Foolbot painted another one of my heads, this time a Cloud Strife minimee, and she did such an amazing job! I'm so happy. As always communication was excellent and I would happily commission her to paint any of my heads in the future. Highly recommended! Thank you so much! :)
    17. foolbot painted my lati red M head, she did a wonderful job, the detail is amazing, she was quick to respond, painted fast and shipped him back to me super fast! a fanstastic artist i would definitely commission her again! highly recommended thanks so much :D
    18. I commissioned a faceup on my Unoa Sist from foolbot~~

      I couldn't for a more talented artist =D So happy with what she did and how perfect she painted her~!

      She was very patient with payments and posting and she finished my girl quickly and shipped her really quickly too <3

      Thankies so much and I will be commissioning you again~!!! :3
    19. *back again* looool XD

      I commissioned foolbot for a faceup on my Souldoll Ize, It was perfect again~! =D
      Thankies so much and I'll be commissioning you again soon 8D
    20. *back again* looool XD

      I commissioned foolbot for a faceup on my Souldoll Ize, It was perfect again~! =D
      Thankies so much and I'll be commissioning you again soon 8D