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Feedback for Foxxian

Sep 8, 2010

    1. They did not have one so I am starting one for this person.

      I did a trade with Foxxian my Custom house boy for her bao fox. Everything went well. She was kind in pm's and easy to talk to. I like she asked a lot of question and was able to read my responses lol I can get long winded even in typing. She shipped super fast and the Bao arrived in great shape. I would be happy to trade with her again.
    2. Foxxian was awesome to work with. She purchased a littlefee body and extra hands from me. She paid quickly and communication was quick and friendly. I would be happy to buy, sell or trade with her in the future.

      Thanks so much!!
    3. I purchased a Dollmore u-jee girl from Foxxian. She was awesome at communication, responded quickly to my inquiries, and was understanding when I needed a short layaway. Everything was packaged perfectly, and she even sent along a box of pocky and a necklace. ^_^ Thank you, Foxxian!
    4. Yay, Foxxian bought a Mnf from me and she paid super fast and even let me know when she got him :) I am so very happy with the transaction and communication was excellent!! Thank you so much!! I would gladly do business again!
    5. I sold a pair of boots to Foxxian and the transaction was very easy! Great communication and speedy payment! Thank you very much! :)
    6. Foxxian and I traded dolls -- her Crobi Lance for my Delf Yder.

      She was pleasant to speak to, seems to love Yder, and sent me a lovely boy in return!
      Wonderful straight-forward transaction -- I hope you enjoy your new boy! :)