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Feedback for Fractal

Sep 24, 2011

    1. Since there wasn't one, I decided to make this.

      Leave all your feedback for Fractal here.
    2. Flakey feedback

      Sadly, I wish this could have been better first feedback to be left.
      Fractal contacted me on 8-14-2011 wanting to commission me to do a ton of work on their doll. I had my waitlist open at the time and they asked to be put on it. We discussed a bit of what I was to do and agreed. I placed them on my list.
      I had been waiting on further details on the tattoo work they wanted but since they were at the bottom of my main list, I was alright with waiting for them to contact me... Which they did on 9-23-2011 stating that they had to vacate my list due to fund issues and the exchange rate. It was a huge loss and I was not very happy but I do understand the situation. For this, I leave flakey feedback. I would still work with Fractal after this as long as I can get a solid agreement next time with full details and immediate shipment/payment.
    3. Positive here!! :D

      She commissioned me for a face up for her Iplehouse Akando. She was fast with shipping and nice with PMs. Everything went well and it was very easy working with her.

      Thanks a lot and welcome back anytime!
    4. I bought an Iplehouse Arvid from Fractal.
      She was very kind and the communication was great. She shipped him out immediately after getting my payment. She is very lovely to deal with ^^
      I can only recommend her :D
    5. I bought an Iplehouse Akando in real skin from Fractal. I was overwhelmed with her kindness in sending me everything that I could possibly need for him. she posted straight away, packed him well. I am beyond happy and would deal with fractal again in a hearbeat!
      thank you,
      Tabatha xxx
    6. Fractal bought a minifee a-line girl body from me and everything was just great - she paid fast and was very friendly :)
      thank you!
    7. I bought a DZ Floy head from Fractal. Good communication and the head was well packaged and unbroken on arrival. I would buy from her again!
    8. I purchased a MNF Chloe from Fractal and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. Chloe was well packaged and arrived safe and sound. I would deal with her again! Thanks!
    9. Fractal sold a Supia head to me. She was very friendly and shipped the head real fast. It was safely packed and in pristine condition, just as described in the thread. I'm very pleased with the transaction and wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again! :aheartbea
    10. I adopted a mini doll from her and I am a happy customer!^^ She was always quick and dependable, shipped lightning quick and everything was ever so safely packed. The doll is in great shape, and Fractal added even more goodies than were offered in the sale. I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much!<3