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Feedback for Fraenia

May 27, 2009

    1. Hi! This is my feedback thread so if you have something to say about me as a trading partner, write it here. :)
    2. She buy my MNF Body^^
      Communication was so nice - Payment so fast... I can only tell good things about her:)
      Have so much fun with your new guy!!!
    3. Fraenia bought a pair of MNF hands from me and the entire transaction took place in about an hour, it was amazing! The communication was friendly and prompt too. It was an incredibly smooth and fast transaction, thank you!
    4. Fraenia bought a Pukisha from me. The transaction went very smoothly, payment was prompt, and communication was polite and friendly. A great buyer :D
    5. I recently sold a pair of PukiPuki wingtop boots to Fraenia, and the transaction couldn't have gone any better. :) She was polite and friendly, quick to pay, and communication was fast. Thanks a bunch, I hope you enjoy the boots!<3
    6. Fraenia bought a vampire luwen head from me.
      Communication was very nice and fast. She was understanding when the tracking didn't work on international sites (which I didn't know) and kept me informed as to everything was going.
    7. I just sold Fraenia a set of black Pukisha parts and she was a great buyer! Prompt payment, very communicative (let me know that they arrived today!). I'd definitely sell to her again :)
    8. She bought my shushu modded head and was a dream to work. I would work with her in the future for sure. :] Quick payment and response. A+++++ :]
    9. I sold an Iv head to Fraenia ^^ Both her communication and payment were very quick! It was a pleasure dealing with her~

      Thank you!
    10. Fraenia participated in my Pipos group order for beige Rooneys and she was a wonderful participant :) Friendly, paid quickly, and had good communication! I look forward to doing business with her again.
    11. She bought my Fairyland pukipuki faceplate and paid very quickly! Would love to do business with her again, her communication was excellent!
    12. She bought a set of glati hooves from me. She was quick and polite in communication and paid right away. She informed me when the items arrived.
      would gladly do business again!
    13. She buy my pukifee pongpong
      Communication was so nice - Payment so fast... I can only tell good things about her:)

    14. Fraenia bought a laptop prop from me, excellent buyer!
      Fast payment, good communications, nevertheless, very patience as my post office lost the original package...
      Thanks you for being so understanding and considerate!
    15. Fraenia is wonderful person! She adopted/bought a pukifee Pukisha faceplate from me. It was really lovely to work with her because she communicated quickly, paid promptly, and notified me when she received her package. I really hope to hear from her again and I would wish to do business with her again. Thank you so much Fraenia for your kindness and I wish you much happiness. :D
    16. Fraenia is good buyer, fast payment, informed when package arrived, everything went well, really sweet and nice all in all. It was very good transaction! Thank you! :)
      I would definitely recommend her as buyer and would not hesitate to deal with her again.