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Feedback for Franci_Black

May 24, 2009

    1. I sold a Senior Delf body to Franci_Black. She was really patient and diligent as we sorted out payment methods, and was really sweet throughout the whole transaction. She also kept in constant communication, which I really appreciate. A great buyer, thanks very much!
    2. Franci_Black joined my WW group order.
      Franci_Black was patient throughout the waiting period, prompt payment, and good communication.

      I'd be happy to have Franci_Black in my GO again :)
    3. I sold a Senior Delf Ethan head to Franci_Black. She paid via Western Union, and everything went smoothly and nicely! Great communication and prompt payment. Good buyer, I would definitely recommend! ^^
    4. Franci_Black bought a pair of shoes from me. It was a very pleasant transaction, nice communication and prompt payment. I would very much like to deal with her again! Thank you!
    5. Franci_Black bought an oasisdoll outfit from me,she's a good buyer,everything goes smoothly and she also took some pix for me that shows our outfit can fit for luts delf girl well.Thanx!
    6. Franci_Black bought a SD top from me. The whole transaction went flawlessly, and payment was lightning quick. Highly recommended!!!
    7. Franci_Black bought top from me.
      She's an excellent buyer for good communication, fast payment making, and prompt information giving.
      Highly recommended, and thanks a ton~ :)
    8. Franci_Black participated in my 2nd M3 Studio group order, communication was excellent and she paid promptly, I would love to do business with her again in the future! :) Thank you so much for joining my GO! :D
    9. Franci_Black participated in my Licht GO. Everything went smooth and well in our transaction, she was very kind and patient. :)
      Thanks for the business, enjoy! <3
    10. Franci_Black participated in my Tata Paradise GO. Excellent customer, patient and understanding to delays with the company. Would certainly do business with again.
    11. I bought a Crobidoll body from Franci_Black. She shipped suuuuuper quickly, kept up good communication, and packaged very nicely with plenty of bubblewrap. I would be happy to do business again. :)
    12. She bought a body from me and it's was perfect ^_^ A best buyer !
    13. Participated in my split. Was very good until i received the doll. I explained to her that i was moving and did not have much internet acces to keep in day to day contact with her. She got very angry when I did not reply even after I had assured her everything was ok and that I was doing my best to get on the internet and ship her doll out. She refused to listen, stalked me and my family on the internet, left me bad feedback when i had done nothing wrong.

    14. I sold a Soo sleeping head to Franci_Black. She was very quick to pay and let me know as soon as the head arrived. An enjoyable transaction !

      I highly recommend her !!!
    15. I sold a Minifee Yder head to Franci_Black, she makes a fast payment, very good comunication, and let me know when she received the package, Highly recommended.:)

      I sold a FL MNF body to Franci_Black and it was a positive transaction! Her communication was always pleasant and she updated me when she received her parcel. I highly recommend her as a trusted buyer. Thanks! :)