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Feedback For FrankieCat!

May 24, 2009

    1. Yay, i get to be the first...

      FrankieCat just bought an outfit from me. Quick with payment and great communication. She kept me up to date and let me know when the item arrived. Thank you and hope your girl will like it.xuan.
    2. More feedback for FrankieCat!

      FrankieCat bought a dress from me. It was paid in two payments, both very speedy and on just the very times that she said they would be. Communication was fantastic and she also let me know it arrived safely. Couldn't have been better.
    3. FrankieCat recently bought an outfit from me. She was prompt with her payment and a pleasure to communicate with. I would most definitely sell to her again. :thumbup

      Thank you~
    4. FrankieCat bought my Bambicrony Sunday and she was a pleasure throughout the entire process. She sent payment quickly, and let me know when the doll arrived. I'd gladly do business with her again :aheartbea Thanks!
    5. FrankieCat bought an outfit from me and was great to do business with. FrankieCat responded quickly to PMs, and paid quickly. Thanks so much!! And please enjoy!
    6. I sold my Mihmi to FrankieCat, and it was a great transaction! She responds quickly and let me know when the doll arrived. I would gladly do business with her again. :D
    7. FrankieCat bought a wig from me. She was awesome about it. Great buyer. Paid real fast.
    8. FrankieCat bought a pair of Dollheart boots from me. She paid quickly and was so friendly. I had a very wonderful transaction.
      Thank you :pcupcake
    9. Marci recently bought a Volks SD Nana girl from me.

      ♥ she was such a pleasure to deal with in PMs/emails
      ♥ quick payment and replied quickly to my PMs.

      She was such a sweet. I hope that you enjoy your new addition to your family.
    10. Great transaction with FrankieCat who purchased some ballet shoes from me. Payment was very fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. :aheartbea
    11. FrankieCat purchased a Dollheart dress from me off of the Fukubukuro 2009 thread. VERY fast payment, would definitely recommend! Thanks so much! <3
    12. FrankieCat bought a Atelier Muse dress set from me.
      She's an excellent buyer for good communication, fast payment making, and prompt information giving.
      Highly recommended, thanks a ton!^__^
    13. I sold my shoes to FrankieCat.
      Very nice buyer and friendly, fast payment.
      It's very great transaction.^__^
      Thank you~~:)
    14. Frankiecat purchased two wigs from me and was very quick to respond and very nice to talk to. Thank you :)
    15. I sold a Dollheart Akiva dress to FrankieCat! She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. I would gladly sell to her again. Happy New Year!!
    16. FrankieCat bought a MSD set and some shoes from me.
      They were very prompt and pleasant through the whole transaction!
      Couldn't be happier!
    17. Marci bought two pairs of Dollheart shoes from me. I made a slight miscalculation on the total and told her the wrong price but she was very understanding about it when I informed her. Overall, very pleasant transaction. Thanks Marci~

      Hopefully I could see a picture of the shoes on your girl? whenever you are free, of course~ ^__^
    18. Marci is a fantastic buyer !
      I had two transactions with her.
      very polite and kind person.
      I was happy during all our transactions.
      Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks, Marci~! ^_^
    19. Frankiecat purchased some SD clothes from me. She paid promptly and let me know when the items arrived, definitely recommend! thank you ^^