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Feedback for fransyung

Jul 10, 2009

    1. :aheartbea Reserved for my sellers and buyers! ^^ Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    2. Fran bought a Migidoll Ryu head off me! Fast payment, no problems, thank you!
    3. I bought two pairs of hands from Fransyung, she shipped them really fast, they were exceptionally well packaged and she also sent along a gorgeous piece of fabric. Communication was prompt and friendly throughout the transaction ~ Thank you :D
    4. Fransyung purchased a DoT Ducan head from me and she could not have been sweeter and the transaction went very smoothly ^_^ She was very prompt in replying to PMs and she was an absolute pleasure to have this transaction with. She purchased him via layaway (only 2 payment--one down payment and a follow up payment) and her payments followed through as planned :D I would not hesitate to have future transactions with her ^_^ Thank you so much for giving him such a wonderful home and I really enjoyed the pictures :XD:
    5. I bought a pair of DoT Boy hands from her! She shipped the ASAP and stayed in communication throughout the entire transaction. Thank you so much! <33
    6. I adopted Francisca's IH Limited Edition Mars on a layaway and I could not be happier with the transaction! She was fair, kind and patient throughout ^-^ Mars came to me in wonderful condition (yay for bubble wrap mummies xD) and super quickly, too! Communication with Francisca was perfect! <3 Thank you so, so much for letting me adopt your boy!
    7. Frannysung purchased a doll from me; even if the process was long and hard, she remained in contact all the time, explained all the problems and was kind and attentive all the time. She made me know quickly when the doll arrived! Thanks!
    8. Bought four SD fur wigs from fransyung, and they arrives quickly and exquisitely packaged. Thanks so much!
    9. I sold a DOI Luke to fransyung. Payments were quick and timely, and communication was friendly and excellent. The entire transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Thanks so much! :D
    10. i bought a SOOM Chrom from fransyung and the transaction was just perfect! he was packed perfectly and it even had giftwraping on it!, comunication was awesome and she even let me know when shipping was delayd due to weather and again when it was sent out a few hours later :D fransyung was a pleasure to deal with and i hope to deal with her again :) thank you so much!!
    11. I bought a HZ outfit set from fransyung. The transaction was perfect! She replied quickly, sent out the clothes very fast and let me feel comfortable during our transaction! I loved to deal with her and hope to deal with her again.
      Thank you so much, dear!
    12. Purchased a red and black HZ outfit from Fransyung and it arrived in excellent condition with a great freebie pair of pants! It was very well packaged to prevent any damage and I love it. Thank you. I would highly recommend Fransyung.
    13. fransyung purchase a Soom Chrom body from me on a short layaway. She paid promptly and kept in touch throughout the whole process. She's very polite and accommodating as a buyer and I couldn't be happier with the transaction:) Definitely a positive experience:D I would highly recommend!!
    14. fransyung bought an Iplehouse wig from me and was lovely to work with - paid very quickly and let me know as soon as the wig arrived. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! :)
    15. fransyung participated in my DOD Code No. 02 split. :)
      Fast pms, friendly communication and prompt payment, everything was perfect and the transaction went smoothly~! :)
      Definitely a recommended buyer~! Hope to do business again with you in future~! ^^
    16. Dealing with Fransyung was a pleasure. I purchased a DoT Sha from her and highly recomend her as a seller. Good communication, quick dispatchment and he was wrapped very well. She's a lovely person and I would business with her again.
    17. Bought a crobidoll wig and a pair of iplehous jeans from Fransyung, great communication and fast shipping & great packaging. Also sent a freebie! Great transaction.
    18. Fransyung purchased a blank DOI A&D head from me. Awesome communication and fast payment, and she let me know when the head arrived safely! She's a wonderful buyer and I would definitely have more transactions with! :DThank you!
    19. I recently sold a DoD Tender Elf Sha head to Fransyung. She was an absolute joy to work with.:aheartbea Payment was prompt and communication was smooth. I would not hesitate to sell to her again.
    20. Fransyung purchased an Esthy Peroth head from me and we had a layaway option for 3 months. Everything went really smooth. Fransyung was very sweet as always. She provided promptly communication and payment. Thank you very much for your business! please feel free to come back again anytime!