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Feedback for Freaky_Ferret

Jun 4, 2009

    1. I put a pink cocktail wig up for sale. She sent me over 8 pms, but did not make it clear if she actually wanted it or not. She kept going back and forth, asking questions and acting completely unsure. She tried to talk down the price first, before she said she would take the wig at my listed price; only to come back then and acted completely unsure of the color of the wig or even if she wanted it, yet again. Then she said nothing to me for a week. I contacted her and told her that I was going to sell the wig on ebay instead, because I had recieved no payment and I do not hold items (without being told and given a date to hold till, items are not magically on hold), and other people have shown interest, only then did she respond, and claim to have the money. After that, there was an excuse for lack of communcation, and a failed attempt at gaining attention and sympthy, that I did not take kindly to. I did not sell her the wig.

      I have never had any issues with buyers on these boards before, I felt the need to say something.
    2. Starting up my feedback thread :)
    3. Freaky_ferret purchased a doll from me. She was great with communicating her concerns and replied to IMs and PMs promptly during price negotiation. She ran into some financial issues during the transactions, but it was resolved in a timely manner. She even provided me additional information, so that I would be more comfortable with the transaction. Good Buyer... recommended. ^_^