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Feedback For Freefall55890

Jul 25, 2011

    1. Hi I'm starting a feedback for me. if i have bought or traded with you or if you have bought anything from me. past, present, and future please leave feedback !!!!!! :)
    2. I had sold freefall55890 a Soom Grit on layaway. She was very good about maintaining communication and having payment be on time. I couldn't ask for more of a great transaction. I would love to do business with freefall55890 again in the future. Great, understanding, patient buyer. :)
    3. I sold a Soom Heliot box and arrow to frefall55890 and it was a great transaction! She was lovely and polite with communication, paid quickly, and messaged me as soon as it arrived. Do not hesitate to do business with her, she is a fantastic buyer :fangirl:
    4. I bought a Souldoll shirt from freefall55890.
      The shirt is beautiful and was postage was prompt.

      Thank you so much:)
    5. freefall55890 purchased two wigs from me, she has great communication, paid promptly, informed me when the package arrived. thanks again for a smooth transaction, would love to sell or buy from you in the future.
    6. Freefall was part of my Obsidius splits. Communication was a little slow. But she was wonderful to work with, and made all her payments on time. Thanks again! :)
    7. Freefall bought a Soom Bi-weekly outfit from me. She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as it arrived. Lovely to work with.