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Feedback for French_Zillah

Sep 30, 2010

    1. Once an item is received please leave feedback in this thread and I'll do the same for you !

      I only have positive feedbacks on the French forum Materiel Céleste.
      I'm sorry if you can't speak French bit I assure you : all is positive.
    2. I bought a head from French_Zillah and it was a wonderful transaction! The packaging was beautiful and thoughtful and I was kept very well informed of the shipping process. Highly recommended!
    3. French_Zilla bought a MNF doll from me. very good communication and smooth transaction. I can only recommend her!^__^
      Thank you once again! *hugs*
    4. I bought a souldoll Lester from French_Zillah and she is wonderful to deal with! She was very patient and extremely accomodating. My boy arrived in his original box with all papers (even the original invoice!) IN THE ORIGINAL SOULDOLL SHIPPING BOX! Very cool. I would deffinitely deal with her again, and if I ever have the chance to, will do so without hesitation.

      Thank you, French_Zillah for making this possible.
    5. I have just bought a beautiful doll from French_Zillah and everything was perfect.
      I would not hesitate to buy from her again.
      Thank you so much I am very happy :) xx
    6. I bought a SOOM Ario from French_Zillah. She was so nice to communicate. prompt shipping. The doll arrived in a very good condition with perfect packing. I won't be hesitate to deal with her again. Thank you so much :)
    7. I bought a feeple 65 head! Wonderfully packaged fast shipping!
    8. I had a very pleasant transaction with French_Zillah. Her wonderful Souldoll Gana
      moved to Finland ^^ Zillah was absolutely great to deal with. She was very helpful
      with everything concerning the doll and shipping. I would deal with her again in a heartbeat.
      Thank you so much!!! Happy holidays ^^
    9. Wow I bought DiM larina off of French_zillah , she was so well packed and arrived so fast, a real pleaser to buy from, will most defiantly deal with again. Great seller :)
    10. I bought a Napidoll Lucifer from French_Zillah. The doll came in extremely good packing + fast shipping.
      Lucifer was in very good condition :D Great seller and I won't be hesitate to deal with her again.

      Thank you so much, I am sooo happy right now!
    11. I bought a MNF head from French_Zillah~! <3
      She came in safely in a box filled with bubble wrap and shredded paper, and the head was wrapped seal with bubble wrap. Very safe and good packaging! French_Zillah was very communicative and friendly, cannot stress how effortlessly the whole experience has been buying from French_Zillah~!
      Head in perfect condition. I highly recommend French_Zillah

      Will hopefully buy from again in the future :)
    12. French_Zillah bought a pair of high heel feet for MNF from me, and the transaction was great! The communication was prompt and friendly, she sent the payment very quickly and she let me know when she received the feet.

      She is a very nice and trustworthy person and I'll not hesitate to do business with her again.
      I highly recommend French_Zillah

      Thank you very much! :aheartbea