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Feedback for FrigidDamsel

Aug 25, 2008

    1. Hello,

      I've just completed two transactions and felt it was time for a feedback thread.
    2. Hi there! FrigidDamsel purchased a doll from me. She was wonderful to work with, great communications and prompt payment! Would do business again!
    3. FrigidDamsel purchased a Crobidoll Camille from me. Wonderful buyer with quick responses and prompt payment. ♥
    4. FrigidDamsel participated in my Tata's Paradise Group Order. She was quick with payment, patient and great with communication. I would love to work with her again! Thanks so much for joining my GO! :D
    5. FrigidDamsel purchased a doll from me. She paid immediately after pming me and was nothing but sweet. I hope she is enjoying her new Ethan! I would gladly do business with FrigidDamsel again.
    6. I sold a SpiritDoll Holly head to FrigidDamsel. She was nice to deal with - she paid quickly and responded all my pms promptly, she also let me know when the head arrived. I would recommend her as a great buyer!
    7. I sold a InfinitiDoll Dreaming Kay to FrigidDamsel and everything went wonderfully :) She was very fast to send her payment very polite and nice to deal with, she also let me know when her package arrived. I would sell again to you anytime! Thank you for a great transaction :)
    8. FrigidDamsel commissioned me for a faceup on her Crobidoll Camille, and everything went perfectly. She was a pleasure to deal with, and I'd be happy to work with her again anytime. :)
    9. FrigidDamsel bought a Junior Delf body from me, and she was an absolute pleasure! I would be happy to do business with her again. Thank you! :D
    10. Sold 2 outfits to FrigidDamsel who was fast with payment and communication was great. A wonderful buyer and pleasure to deal with. Thank you.
    11. Purchased a BBB Tony from FridgidDamsel...wonderful communication and he shipped very quickly! Thank you so much.
    12. Bought a Delf Yder head from Frigid, she was wonderful to deal with. Communication was quick and the head arrived super fast! Thanks!
    13. I bought a Fantasy doll body from FrigidDamel. The communication was excellent, she shipped him out very quickly, and she's very pleasant to interact with. I'd be more than happy to do business with her again!
    14. Purchased both my KDF Cherry and also my KDF Bory limited. Quick payment, super friendly and overall just a perfect buyer! Thanks so much again! :)
    15. Another commission for FrigidDamsel, this time for 3 faceups. Everything went perfectly as before, I would be thrilled to work with FrigidDamsel again absolutely anytime! :)
    16. bought an Fdoll body from FrigidDamsel-amazing communication! shipped it extremely well packed and quickly! a wonderful member to the sales forum! :fangirl:
    17. Super Positive Experience! :D

      I bought a Crobidoll Ys B head from FrigidDamsel on a short layaway. She was very flexible with my payment plan, shipped him very quickly when I paid him off and he got here, securely packed with a ton of bubblewrap! He's perfect and flawless and I love him. :) FrigidDamsel is a great seller, extremely friendly and a lot of fun to chat with. I not only found a great seller, but also made a friend from this transaction. I would recommend her to anybody. One of the best transactions I've ever had. Thanks!
    18. I bought a Crobidoll e-line Boni from FrigidDamsel, and she is extremely friendly and great with communications. There was worry with my package after being shipped, and FrigidDamsel was there with me all the way to help with the situation. Luckily it was just late in arrival, but nevertheless, I'm thankful to have had such a great seller that really cares and makes sure everything goes well to the very end. I would definitely recommend her as a seller and would definitely do business with her again (let me know if you ever decide to sell more Crobidoll lol), because I know that I would have a trustworthy, responsibile seller.

      Thank you again for my girl! And thanks for including all the little Crobidoll promo goodies :D I really appreciate the support with waiting for her to show up! xD
    19. I bought her Xi-Aleister. He came well packaged and in great condition. We had great communication as well. Over all it was a very positive experience. Thank you!
    20. I just purchased a DollnDoll Nocturne NS head from FrigidDamsel-san! She shipped the head promptly and packaged it extremely well!! I would highly recommend her to all! She's a true asset to DoA!

      Thanks again!

      God bless!