Feedback for/ from elisa_maza

Aug 4, 2006

    1. Hi! I just started this thread, since everybody has one. :) If you've had a transaction with me, please feel free to leave a comment here.

      Here's my GOOD feedback list for others I've had the pleasure of dealing with on DoA:

      ranmanekineko, keishiki, islingtonroad, Pixycrack, morea, alexiusSana, Brightfires, vicki in tn, visionsofdolls, angeldoll, Vaith, juless231, eveshka, Brightstar1008, Azurielle, Mystic, Midnightferret, Dragonfly5338, mikan, AerynAerie, Devilishly Delicious, otokke, MLBCHAN, katwi99, PhadeSkye, The Red Queen, Zingy, chibikarin, little_robin87, FairEmma, Freya, thesaraghina, Bloodyrose82, Nanyalin, Kurosakura, V Chan, Turynn, Cenarius, Angeldoll, Nette.

      I know there were more, just have to remember o_O

      Special mention for organizing excellent group orders:

      chibikarin, little_robin87

      BAD feedback: none yet. You guys rock. :)
    2. I bought Kid Delf hands, for spares, for my Ani. They were shipped right away and packed safely- got here in one piece (each ;)

      very nice seller.
    3. Elisa_maza recently gave my poor unloved Yder Elf head a new home. Have to say, a fantastic transaction, great contact the entire time. It was my first time selling, and a great experience. An awesome buyer!!
    4. Hi hi~*! Eliza_maza is nice and very friendly! And patience too XD
      Thank you for the business and I hope there will be future ones too!
    5. I sold elisa_maza a pair of eyes, she's like super nice and is a fast payer. And well thanks elisa_maza! ^__^
    6. I got Pavel back today! He is awesome! :D The tattoo is even cooler in person, the detail is amazing. :O
    7. I bought a Chiwoo head from Andrea and it was a very easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent to deal with!!
    8. Very Nice and Fast Shipping. Thanks!! ^_^
    9. I paid elisa_maza to modify 2 sleeping AR Cien heads, as well as do their face ups. She was wonderful to deal with. I'd definitely do business with her again.
    10. Elisa_maza has done numerous comissions for me, I have done numerous comissions for her, done splits with her for doll heads, etc. Every single transaction has been easy! She is wonderful to deal with and does great work! I cannot recommend her enough!
    11. My transaction with elisa_maza was fast and friendly!
    12. elisa_maza comissioned me to make a outfit, and she was really sweet and great to comunicate with! recomend her to comission anyone!!! ;) Thank you! ^^
    13. SHe did an absolute wonderful job on my Holland. He has the cutest halfling (slightly pionted) ears! Thanks so much! You rock!
    14. I ran a Dollmore group order and elisa_maza was an excellent participant. Fast payment and good communication.
    15. I have some transactions with elisa_maza. It has been my great pleasure to deal with her. Thanks.
    16. How did I manage to not leave good feedback for lovely Miss Elisa?

      She did an AMAZING mod for me, and was always quick to respond and willing to do more work so that the finished product came out glorious. ♥
    17. I was in a split for some DoD I-Ra items that elisa_maza organized ^^. She was really friendly and gave notices about when the stuff was shipped, etc. She was also SUPER fast with the shipping! My stuff got here in only two days!

      Thank you so much! I would definitely buy from her again ^^.
    18. Great buyer, Thanks so much!
    19. Was in on a split from elisa-Maza, for I-Ra's sword. It was shipped super-quick and she kept me fully informed too. I love this girl! :D
    20. Fast payment, and lovely to sell to! Thank you! :daisy