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Feedback for/ from elisa_maza

Aug 4, 2006

    1. I commissioned Angel Toast to redo the face up on my FID Miho. She did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier. Communication is prompt, professional and her guidelines and forms are very detailed. Thank you so much!
    2. I commissioned elisa_maza to open the eyes on my SWITCH Milhwa head. She let me know when he arrived, sent me progress pics, replied to every email promptly, and sent him back in less than 7 weeks, INCLUDING shipping to Japan! He's absolutely perfect, thank you so much!
    3. I bought a Luts doll from Andrea and the transaction was perfect. She shipped the same day I paid! Gorgeous doll. Thank you!!!
    4. elisa_maza has done face up's on several of my dolls , and each time, she did a really great job! My dolls come out exactly the way I imagined them to look, and working with her is a real pleasure. She really is a great artist, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a face up for their doll. Thanks so much!:)
    5. I commissioned Angel Toast to do the face up on my IH Edwin. She did a fantastic job and I couldn't be happier. Communication is prompt, friendly, and professional and her guidelines and forms are very detailed. He looks even better than I imagined he could! Thank you so much!
    6. I commissioned the removal of the Iplehouse face-up on my 2015 HID Fa!con, with new face-up and body blushing by AngelToast (Elisa_maza).

      Andrea was prompt, courteous, professional, and genuinely concerned with my satisfaction at every step of the process. She not only asks all the right questions, she actually reads the answers and strives very hard to deliver what the customer asks for. She perfectly interpreted what I told her about my character and brought him into being. He is finally what I'd wanted him to be all along.

      I only wish I had contacted her earlier in my BJD journey, and will not hesitate to send more dolls her way in the future. Thank you for such an awesome result!!!
    7. I commissioned Andrea/Elisa_Maza of AngelToast Aesthetics to do new faceups on three of my Volks dolls, two SD-sized girls and an MSD girl. She has a very efficient and well-organized system for accepting commissions and was lovely to work with throughout the process. Her work is stunning, and she is immensely talented! She really managed to capture my girls' unique personalities based on the character descriptions I provided. I've just commissioned her to paint two more dolls. Would highly recommend!
    8. Purchased a Luis 65 body from elisa_maza. Wonderful seller, super accommodating, and fast shipping!
    9. I commissioned two face-ups from elisa_maza. Her work is professional and beautiful. I was very impressed with the whole system she has set up to make the whole process so clear and easy from beginning to end. She has awesome communication and is very timely which I really appreciate.
    10. Elisa_maza did a faceup for one of my dolls, and he turned out darling! Good communication and talent - a must for any faceup artist, and elisa_maza certainly has both. Thanks so much!

    11. I bought a Real Skin Brown Luts Bory from Elisa_maza and it was a perfect transaction! Quick and polite communication and he was shipped well in his original box & shipping box, with his COA, booklet and extras from Luts. She also did his faceup which is absolutely gorgeous! I would not hesitate to deal with her again. :)
    12. Elisa_maza painted my beautiful Feeple60 vampire Lacrima a few months ago,and she did an excellent job. She brought my doll to life!!! My doll has so much personality now, and her faceup is just stunning! I just commission her to paint 2 more heads. Thank you so much for making my dollies so amazing.
    13. I commissioned two face-ups for my dolls from her and they turned out amazing. She was quick and I got exactly the face-up I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her!
    14. Bought a Volks DDY Chocolate Strawberry outfit set from Elisa and they were a pleasure to deal with. Very polite and quick, it arrived fast and safe. Thanks!
    15. There is no one I can imagine touching my beloved Resin Enchanted Doll Isabeau other than Angel Toast!! She recently restored my girl's faceup and body blush. My doll and me both survived an awful car wreck in September that broke my hands and damaged Angel Toast's original work. She so kindly redid my girl and now she is even more beautiful than before. I can not say enough good about her art and talents. She takes great care of my treasures and I know they are in good hands. I have commissioned her several times and will continue to. Thank you so much![​IMG]
    16. I hired elisa_maza to customize the eyes and paint my doll's face. 120/100, amazing job, super pro work, my girl looks even better in person than in photos. Thank you so so much!!
    17. Once again, I commissioned Andrea to paint one of my dolls (Iplehouse Oscar). And she did such a splendid, fantastic job as she always does. Even though there was a hiccup in this particular commission Andrea handled it professionally that it only solidify my admiration for her work (and herself) even more!

      She is wonderful to work with, and seeing on how most of my dolls were painted by her it is pretty clear she is my 'go to' for faceups XD hahaha. Thanks again, Andrea!

      Definitely recommending her! All the A+++++++
    18. My Kaye Wiggs Layla went from blah to beautiful, exquisitely so...Thrilled with her new look, almost beyond what words can express. Thank you for making both, Layla's and mine, our dreams come true. :-) <3
    19. Excellent transaction with Andrea from whom I purchased a FL Coco on layaway. Communication was great and shipping was fast. A perfect seller. Thank you!!
    20. After having several positive experiences with her, I recently commissioned Andrea to paint two more of my Volks MSD girls (F-09 and F-31). These commissions were another success! My girls are stunning -- they are just what I had envisioned based on the personality descriptions and coloring preferences I provided. The faceups were detailed, feminine, and very lifelike (they even had tiny freckles, like I asked!). I would recommend Andrea to anyone seeking a reliable and talented faceup artist to bring their cherished dolls to life :)

      (See dolls here: Volks MSD F-09 and F-31)