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Feedback for/from Julie M

Jun 9, 2006

    1. (InstructorJ on Ebay)

      I will have to add to this list as names occur to me, since I've transacted business with many, many people in the BJD community over the past two and a half to three years.

      Kudos to the following, as a start -- more to be added soon!:

      Karin Bussman (always fast, professional, and all around great transactions)
      Michele Hardy
      Vicky J
      Janis (Sunrise Dolls)
      Neale (stupendous wigs)
      Noppin (formerly Crescent)/Masamichi (Unoa and auctions)
      Dollheart (always a pleasure)
      Dollstown (great communications)
      Helene (Rugged Realism)
      Volks (both international and CA)
      Elaine (Posh Dolls)
      Masterpiece Eyes
      mio (lovely Unoa clothing)
      Jay S
      Kerbey Lane Doll Shoppe (no longer in existence)
      Denver Doll Emporium
      Iris (Fabric Friends)
      Virginia Oebius
      #1 Julie M, Jun 9, 2006
      Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
    2. I recently completed a trade with Julie and it was superb! I would highly recommend her to anyone, she's a real pleasure to deal with!

      Kathi (knovak)
    3. Just sold my Saint to Julie, and she paid right away. A very courteous and sweet person, she's been a perfect buyer!

    4. Metalkatt is fantastic to do business with. She is friendly, quick, and conscientious, and she packed Saint beautifully -- he arrived safely despite the Post Office's best attempts to wreck him.
    5. I have just successfully completed a transaction with Bella, who was very nice to work with.

      Rinkya is a fantastic, conscientious and prompt agent to deal with in Japan!
    6. Julie was great to deal with and gave me super fast shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition and was just as described. Highly recommend bjbnut
    7. Julie put up a 'WTB' in the clothing section and I had one of the pieces she was after. Good communication, prompt payment. She also let me know when it had arrived. :)
    8. Julia M bought some Yo hands from me. She was extremely polite and courteous, paid quickly and responded to PMs amazingly fast. She was a complete pleasure to deal with and I would definitely engage in transactions with her in the future! :daisy
    9. I purchased a Heath Fullset from Julie. Not only was she flexiable with layaway, but very supportive and became a great friend. She is friendly and excellent about communication. The best part is she understands what it means to love a doll, and loves her dolls more than they are worth... but is definitely NOT a scalper!

      Much recommendation for her. :D

      William says hi.
    10. Bought a Lishe from Julie, not only did she work very well with a layway kept excellent communication. Will work with her again if the chance comes up!

      Highly recommend working with her!
    11. purchased/traded for a set of heath boots from julie m... the transaction was perfect. fast shipping.
    12. Julie asked me to buy a pair of Yo-SD hands for her. Communication was very thorough, she's incredibly friendly, and payment was made promptly. A joy to do business with, thank you so much! :)
    13. Sold a yo outfit to Julie, she was a delight to deal with! <3 Thanks again so much <3
    14. Excellent Buyer, great communication, fast paiement and she don't forget to leave a feedback ! thank you very much ^^ !
    15. Just completed the MOST FABULOUS transaction with Julie, my doll arrived in super shape and has made me the happiest BJD owner this side of Texas. Thank you again for great communication, care and patience with my new dolls, and answering all my newbie questions. You are truly a great person to deal with!! :)
    16. I've boight the cyber bohemian shiwoo to julie and i'm so happy,it's a perfect seller,so nice :D
      Great communication .
      All excellent ^^
      Many thanks
    17. Just finished a fantastic trade (dolls) with Julie, couldnt have asked for more!!!!
      Everything went so smoothly.
      Hope to do plenty more business with Julie.
    18. Just had a wonderful and fast pace trade with Julie M. She is very friendly and very responsive to pms and questions. On top of those, the doll and items were shipping fast.

      Thank you very much, Julie, for this wonderful trade. It's been a pleasure trading with you :D.
    19. I commission Julie for a poet shirt. She was a wonderful person to deal with. Communication was excellent. Shipping was quick and the transaction was smooth. She has done an amazing job on the shirt. I love it so much. Thank you so much once again. Would not mind doing business with again. ^^
    20. I bought an Isao fullset from Julie. He was very well wrapped and arrived in excellent condition on the other side of the globe.

      Julie is a pleasure to communicate with. Everything went smoothly.
      I would definitely deal with Julie again.

      Thanks a lot and all the best!