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Feedback for/from pawpaw~~

Jul 2, 2006

    1. I figured I should make one of these since I started selling the haoris. <3 If you've had a transaction with me, leave a comment! <3

      :cake: FORMERLY KNOWN AS NUBBINS! :cake: I had a mod merge two accounts so I could change my name! Thank you<3

      Here are some people I've traded with. ^^ Names in green mean exellent. In black means neutral. In red means bad.

      People I've Bought from:

      bittenbefore (fur wig) -- Fast shipping, great prices, very friendly! The wig is absolutely awesome! Soft, thick, fits snug, wonderful color. Reccomended seller x10!
      mel (fur wig) -- Mel is a wonderful person to work with! I ordered a wig from her, and it got lost in the mail. She was nice enough to refund my money, and then let me keep the money when I finally did receive the wig! (It got there on the 44th day, or she would have filed an insurance claim on the 45th. xD ^^)
      honestrabbit -- (Fur wig, socks) Neil is totally awesome!! <3 His wigs are wonderful quality, as are the socks!! Great prices, fast shipping, totally kind and polite. Neil rocks! <3 Thanks!
      ready2rokk -- (Kstarr wig) Fast shipping, wonderful quality, GREAT price. Kind, polite and patient! Thanks!
      STASIE -- (Lishe Head) STASIE ROCKS!!! <33333 I purchased a Beauty White Lishe head from her for a great price. Stasie was super polite, prompt, and wonderful to deal with. I received my Lishe super fast and she was in perfect condition, with an amazing skin tone! <3
      Bifrost -- (Na-Nu-Ri Head) Bifrost was wonderful to work with. ^__^ Quick to respond to PMs and very polite. Received my boy within a few days and he came in perfect condition. ^_^
      MysteryAya -- (Glasses) Great seller!! Quick to respond to PMs, polite, and I received my glasses THREE DAYS after payment. From oregon to virginia, no less! :D
      xanthe_roses -- (Kstarr group order) Wonderful seller!! Great communication, polite, and I received my wig in a very timely fashion. Thanks!!!

      People I've Sold To:

      bakayaro onna
      Angel kat
    2. I ordered a haori from Nubbins a bit ago, and although I haven't received it yet, she was a pleasure to deal with...both prompt and polite! I'll be sure to post when I receive it to comment on the quality of the haori itself! :D

    3. It was a pleasure dealing with Nubbins, she is very nice and polite. The haori was very cute and I can't wait to take pics of my little Kiyo in it.
      Recomended seller :D
    4. I ordered a haori from Nubbins, and she is absolutely the best person to work with!
      The outfit is well made, and was shipped very quickly to me.
      When the haori arrived, the pants were too small for my AR Jade, but Nubbins was good enough to make a second pair, and send them to at no cost. I returned the first pair of pants that were too small for my boy, and I am now delighted with this outfit!
      I can highly recommend Nubbins work!
    5. Etheral_shimmer, rainetomoe and Windrose were all wonderful people to sell to, they were very very patient and polite! ^^ Thanks so much all of you! ^^
    6. Awesome seller.

      I loved the Haori outfit. It's beautiful and I expected nothing less. :3 It was a pleasure doing business with you, Nubbins. Thanks greatly! ^^
    7. Thank you very much, yanChi! YanChi was very patient and kind, wonderful doing business with you! ^^
    8. Just received the second haori outfit that I bought from Nubbins, and I am
      totally delighted with it! Excellent work, fast shipping, and Nubbins is always wonderful to talk to, and work with! Great job! Thanks again!
    9. i bought a haori from pawpaw, i love it, it fits perfectly, fast delivery, would definitely recommend to buy from!
    10. Oh good! I'm so glad it arrived! I didn't realize until after I shipped it that I put USA postage on it, so I was afraid it wouldn't go to the UK! :sweat Thank you so much!
    11. After a haori versus cat accident at pawpaw's house (and the cat winning), I thought I may not be able to get a haori from one of the fabrics I had selected. pawpaw contacted me a few days later with the happy news - finding more fabric!

      pawpaw went the extra mile to get me a haori and it arrived quickly and safely. Chikara looks very fine in it.

      Excellent transaction!
    12. Thank you very much! I'm glad you were satisfied! ^_^ bakayaro onna was wonderful to sell to, patient and polite!
    13. Thank you for buying the Leroi wig from me, Im so glad you liked it and it arrived quickly :) I recommend pawpaw, quick, friendly and responsible buyer.
    14. Thanks Neil! All of honestrabbit's products are amazing quality, and SUPER fast shipping!! I've never once had a problem buying from Neil. Awesome seller!
    15. pawpaw bought a wig from me, paid very quickly and was very friendly throughout the process! Thank you!
    16. Pawpaw is a wonderful seller. She replies to comments quickly, ships right away and packaged the fragile items very well. Thank you for smooth transaction <3!
    17. Pawpaw, bought a head from me and she paid with lightning speed and is a doll to deal with, the sale went through perfectly smooth, and I look forward to future trasactions with her. Huge thanks Pawpaw.>>>>(>_<)
    18. Pawpaw is such a sweetie, my order didn't arrive (nothing to do with pawpaw) and i said, don't worry about it, i don't mind.
      she sent me another order anyway :)
      they are fab, fit perfectly and are really cute !!!
      thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you !
    19. My Tori loves her new haori set. :) Much thanks to pawpaw.
    20. It's a really cute outfit, fits well and was shipped fast. Many Thanks Indeed.