Feedback for Frozen Sunset

Dec 26, 2017

    1. Hey everyone! This is the start of my feedback thread, so feel free to leave any feedback for me if you have either purchased something from me, or if I have purchased something from you.

    2. FrozenSunset bought a Fairyland event sword from me, and the transaction was wonderful! Fast payment, friendly communication, and an overall great experience!
    3. Perfect transaction with FrozenSunset who purchased a Blackbox Anubis from me. Payment was very fast and communication was great. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    4. FrozenSunset bought a Loongsoul Una from me. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt, making for a smooth amd pleasant transaction. Thank you!
    5. FrozenSunset bought a Sakura&Paper cat from me. Payment was swift and they were a pleasure to deal with.
    6. I sold a shoes FrozenSunset . Wonderful transaction, she was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was friendly and payment was quick. Would certainly recommend her as a buyer.
      Thank you :)
    7. I sold a pair of FL Lucywen wings to FrozenSunset. Prompt and friendly communication, sent payment lightning fast and let me know once she received her package. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Sam again. Thank you!
    8. @FrozenSunset bought a Mnf Fire Event Scar arm from me. Everything went smoothly. Fast payment and great communication. Thank you so much! :)
    9. I traded FrozenSunset my DreamingDoll Airi for her Migidoll Janus Miho she shipped next business day and the doll arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier :)
    10. FrozenSunset purchased a Nihilum Faceless doll from me and the transaction was perfect. :) She paid immediately and messaged me when she got the doll. I recommend this buyer!
    11. FrozenSunset purchased a pair of Sadol eyes from me. She is very pleasant and friendly during the transaction; I would not hesitate to do business with her again :)
    12. FrozenSunset purchased a Dearmine Chopin fullset from me and everything went smoothly. Thank you for another quick transaction! :aheartbea
    13. I purchased a Resinsoul Mei from FrozenSunset and the transaction went smooth. She shipped the day of purchase and arrived in perfect condition. Lovely seller!
    14. I'm a bit late posting, but I sold a PW doll to FrozenSunset and the transaction was perfect! They kept in constant contact, paid right away, and let me know immediately when the doll arrived. I'd do business with them any time!
    15. FrozenSunset bought a Raccoon Doll Sarah from me and it was an extremely smooth transaction, despite the shipping all the way from Europe. No trouble at all. Fast payment and lovely to communicate with :)
    16. I purchased a feeple65 body and the transaction was very pleasant. The doll was shipped quickly and packaged well, arriving with no damage
    17. I bought a pair of Fairyline wings from FrosenSunset. Communication was fast and easy, and they shipped VERY fast after I paid. They arrived well packed, and in the same week! great seller.
    18. I bought a Nanuri 2017 from FrozenSunset and it was a quick, easy transaction. Would buy from again!
    19. I bought an motion line minifee boy body from @FrozenSunset , it was a quick, easy transaction! Would buy from them again.
      Thank you so much!!
    20. I just participated in the BEST trade with FrozenSunset! My Soom Metato and Uyoo for her Iplehouse JID Tania and Peaks Woods FOF Alice. Communication was excellent! We came up with an arrangement we were both happy with and shipped the same day. We checked in with each other after the dolls were delivered. Just such a wonderful experience and a real gem of a fellow hobbyists!

      A++++++++++++ :hug: