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Feedback for fujiwara

Jun 2, 2006

    1. Please post here if you've done business with me! Thank you!
    2. I recommend this sewer! ^_^

      Fujiwara offered to make an SD-sized lab coat for me! Pictures were supplied along the way and it was sewn very quickly! It arrived today and it is just perfect for my boy, and wonderfully made!

      Thank you again!
    3. I bought a skirt from fujiwara, really nice and well made! Dealing with her was excellent~ X3
    4. A lovely seller and person.. one of the best to deal with
    5. I recieved a totally AWESOME dolly bag and 3 (count em 3) cushioned carriers/bodybags for my ladies for my birthday from Mela and Fujiwara. The bag is HUGE and beautifully made, totally customized to me. I love it, and can't wait to use it more on some upcoming trips to keep Franks and Mafi safe from travel wear and tear!
      Pics of the bag and cozy sacks:

      Great seller, phenominal craftmanship, and VERY nice person!
      Photo refrence for VERY happy customer ;) (its me! And Franks... technically... she's IN the sack)
    6. I highly recommend this seller!:) Kate is so nice to work with. I love my new bag and cozy sacks, they are so beautifully made. My girls are all happy and snuggly too. Kate's bags are nice and roomy with pockets everywhere to tuck away all your goodies and stuff.

      Thanks Kate!:daisy
    7. I ordered to cozy sacks and they are wonderful!

      I just took a trip on a plane with one of my dolls and in the cozy sack he could fit in a carryon with other items and I could fit it under the seat where he'd be safe from heavy bags other people put in the overhead. I could also carry other items in the bag with him and he'd be protected by the cozy sack.

      It worked really nicely and was just the perfect item for travel--or when a doll needs protecting in a bag. I have a doll carrier, but it is long and doesn't fit a lot of other items in it. I could have my SD-sized doll in a sitting postion in the cozy sack so that he could nicely fit in standard-sized bags.

    8. Definately reccomend this seller! Fujiwara is an absolute dream to work with and keeps you up to date on the progress of your commission! I just recieved mine today and I cannot wait for Sen to arrive home so he can wear it! :D

      Thank you, Fujiwara!
    9. As a constant traveler, I am SO happy I did business with fujiwara.

      Shin and Azel go -everywhere- with me, and this bag and these cozy sacks are perfect for my boys. :3 There's side pockets for the wigs, and then another little bag for stuffs. :3 She's very nice, very organized, and got my bag here in record time! ^___^ I'm so glad I dealt with her, and her products are top notch.

      She also kept me up to date on the progress of the transaction, which few sellers to my knowledge have done, and it's been fantastic to work with her.


      Thank you so much! You've made my boys and I so happy!
    10. very pleased with comissioning through her. Thanks again ^ ^
    11. I commissioned a skirt from fujiwara and it was very well made! Thank you! :)
    12. I commissioned a carrier and 3 cozy sacks from Fujiwara. She was very communicative and made the sacks in record time. She was even willing to add a 3rd sack to my order when I found I was getting another doll.

      She's a wonder and I will definitely recommend her to others!
    13. Kate was AMAZING to work with! She bought some amazing fabric for my bag and made it to look just how I wanted. And it shipped so quickly and it's just -- awesome!

      She comes highly recommended and you will love whatever she creates!
    14. The bag Kate made for me is gorgeous, and she's an excellent communicator. She's a pleasure to do business with.
    15. I loved Kate's carrying bags so much that when I got another doll I commissioned a new bag and two more sacks! She's a pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you!
    16. Very informative and trusting! Will recommend friends to her if they need carriers ! Thanks so much!
    17. Kate made me a carrier and it just arrived today... I couldn't be MORE impressed if I tried!! She was awesome to deal with, too, sending me little notes with updates in.

      It ROCKS Kate - I can't wait for everyone to see it! it's AMAZING!! Thank you!
    18. I bought a beautiful dress from fujiwara and it arrived today! I am SO happy with it, I can't express how beautifully made it is, or how fantastic it looks on my girl.

      She shipped exactly when she said she would, it was fast and her communication was excellent.

      Thank you so much!