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Feedback for Furious D

Dec 31, 2008

    1. Furious D bought two SD boy clothes from me. :)

      She is fast to respond and is a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to do more business with her in the future.

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. I bought a puki ani face plate from Furious D - the communication, suitability of packaging, condition of part and arrival time were all excellent!!
      Recommended and would gladly do future business with her. :)
    3. I bought a pair of Puki Wingtop boots and it was a great transaction. Furious D was friendly, communicative and the boots arrived extremely quickly and in great condition. I would certainly do business with her again :)
    4. I bought a pair of trousers from Furious D. She was friendly, and helpful. She had them sent off quickly. They are perfect, thanks! :)
    5. Fueious D bought a pair of MSD(MNF) boy/girl jeans from me. She was quit nice, and paid super fast! Thanks agian!:)
    6. I have bought a pair of MSD platform boots from Furious D. Communication was very good and incredible fast shipping!! Would do business again. Thanks !! :)
    7. Bought a pair of Gold glitter SD shoes, shipping was incredible! 5 days from England to USA~ Packing was great and item was exactly what I expected! A+++ for you!
    8. Furious D brought a goth slim msd set from me ^^ Her communication was great and she paid very fast!

      Thanks Furious D!!
    9. I sold a couple of MSD shirts to Furious D, and the transaction was perfect! Great communication, prompt payment. Thanks! <3
    10. Bought some wonderful Astro Kitty jeans from her ~ lovely to deal with, item was perfect and shipping was super speedy!

      Thankyou Furious D :D
    11. I bought a skirt from Furious D. She was really friendly, responded to all PMs quickly, and shipped out right after I paid. I would definitely buy from her again. Thank you so much!
    12. hello

      I bought puki set from Furious D,
      perfect transaction
      very fast shipping
      thanks :aheartbea
    13. sold a MNF ryeon to Furious! everything went great ^__^! awesome buyer, would love to deal with again!
    14. She sold me a NS MNF Ryeon head, everything went smoothly! Great seller and fast shipping!
    15. i bought a necklace from FopRocks and i'm impressed, i used to make jewellery and the quality is amazing.
      It arrived within days and Furious D was nice and polite.
      It was a pleasure to buy and lovely to communicate with Furious D.
      Now i just have to make a dress so i can take a photo worthy of such a lovely piece.
    16. I sold a body to Furious D she was a great buyer wonderful to deal with. Thank you so much!
    17. I bought a Delf Type 3 body from Furious D and it was an excellent transaction. Her communication is great and the body arrived quickly. I would most definitely recommend her.

      Thanks! :)
    18. Sold a suit to Furious D and totally understand how Furious she is.

      She will bomb your PM box insanely and keeping asking any question you already answered;

      She complained about lost package while choosing regular mail;

      She insisted regular mail (without any tracking number) could be tracked;

      She is still not satisfied even I sent her another new suit jacket as a gift.

      [size=+2]Please avoid selling things to her if you don't want any trouble.[/size]
    19. I only asked questions that HAD NOT BEEN ANSWERED because Silvia consistently ignored me. I was forced to ask some of them several times to no avail.
      She knows that the paging thread was not opened because the suit was lost, but because she would not answer my enquiries.
      I immediately admitted I was wrong about regular mail being trackable from where Silvia was from - I thought she was in the States until I saw her e-mail address. It doesn't help that her location isn't on her profile.
      I remain unsatisfied with the transaction as a whole because Silvia is an INCREDIBLY flaky seller - which, I am discovering, is becoming apparent to others besides me. She's got serious nerve giving me bad feedback.
    20. Brought a ws puki pukisha, with victory hands from Furious D. She was very friendly, communication was great and I'm very happy with the pukisha. Because we're both from the same county decided to meet for the transaction, it was a real pleasure meeting her and I would gladly and happily do business with her again! :)