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Feedback for Gage

Apr 30, 2008

    1. :daisyThanks for posting feedback on any transactions we may have had:daisy
    2. Gage bought a unoa faceplate from me! It was a smooth transaction. She payed promptly, and she was wonderful to deal with.
      I highly recommend her as a buyer.
      thank you :)
    3. I sold an Unoa "O" or Akubi Lusis faceplate to Gage. She was wonderful to deal with and it was a very smooth transaction! :3 I highly recommend her to anyone! She paid promptly and had great communication!!

      Flawless transaction! Would love to deal with her again. ^^ hehe.
    4. Very fast answers and payment, gage is a great person. Also, the communication was so nice. Thank you so much.
    5. Gage purchased some eyes and wigs from me. The payment was swift and communication was wonderful.

      Thanks Gage.

    6. very good buyer ! good communication ! paid fast ! thank you very much ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!
    7. I sold a Unoa Lusis Madoromi faceplate to gage. She is very nice, made fast payment and great communication. Perfect buyer :)
      Now... enjoy the faceplate!
    8. Just wanted to post positive Feedback for Gage! They bought a wig from me and paid very fast! Great communications and was very pleasent! :fangirl:

      Would sell to again! Thanks,
    9. Gage participated in my glass eyes GO. She paid really quickly and was easy to communicate with! Anyone who is in a GO with or sells to gage is very lucky! I would highly recommend her for any transaction!
    10. I bought a SP Kill_u WS head from Gage. The head arrived very promptly and packaged very well.

      I would definately recomend her for any sort of transaction!
    11. I bought a DiM MiniMee NS Nero SD head from gage, it came swiftly in the mail, great seller! 100% positive feedback from me.
    12. Gage has been taking care of a very troublesome transaction for a large group order that went really, really sour and helped resolve it for me.

      The entire was a huge mess, and Gage stepped in to organize and make sure everything went as smoothly and fairly as possible- I can't say enough good things. Extremely responsible, fast communication, and professional- very trustworthy!

      Thank you!
    13. I joined a Minimee GO that gage ran. I know MNM orders are both extremely complicated and time consuming but gage did a fantastic job. The communication was prompt throughout the order and gage did a great job making "judgment calls" and whatnot. I would definitely trust gage with any sort of transaction/GO/etc. Thanks gage!
    14. I participated in a Minimee group order run by Gage. She took ill at the tail end of it and communication became a bit slow, but other than that everything was run very smoothly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to participate in another group order run by her.
    15. I took part in a Minimee GO Gage ran. Extremely smooth and efficient, no issues at all.
    16. I was apart of Gage's Balthier MnM Group Order. She did a great job!

      A :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for you!
    17. I joined Gage's Balthier MiniMee GO, She did a wonderful job! :thumbup I love my Balthier MnM. :aheartbea