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Feedback For GAIBOIOZZ

Jun 9, 2011

    1. Please Post Any Feedback You Might Have On Me Here.

      :)Please & Thank You:)
    2. Gaibolozz entered my Sleep Over Swap. He made some nice gifts for his partner and put thought and effort into what he sent, however due to a miscalculation, the blanket and pillows were too small for his partner's doll.
    3. Received Items from Gaiboiozz for the Sleep Over Swap, very thoughtful in what was sent but a few items were too small, very fast delivery.
    4. Gaiboizz bought my Resinsoul An. The transaction was excellent. He asked for a very short hold, and paid exactly when he said he would. He let me know the second he received the doll, and left me very nice feedback. I recommend gaiboiozz as a very responsible buyer. :)
    5. Gaiboizz purchased a pair of glasses from my shop. Good communication and swift payment. A++++
      Highly recommended :)
    6. Gaiboiozz purchased a pair of SD B&W Converse from me. Communication was clear and very friendly. Payment was sent via money order and I was notified when it was on its way and as soon as the package was received. I highly recommend Gaiboiozz as a buyer.

      Thank you for a very smooth and pleasant transaction.
    7. Bought some SD scarves from gaiboiozz~ Wonderful transaction! The scarves are wonderfully made (and super soft!) and he's such a sweetheart. He even gifted me one ; u; ~ <3 I will definitely be buy more. Thanks so much!
    8. I got a dual colored scarf from Gaiboiozz and I LOVE IT!!!!! I have a feeling my boys will be fighting over it XDD

      I will definitely be back for more <333 Maybe ever a rainbowy one for Roth<3
    9. love the scarves he made for my resin buddies = D
      though I wear them myself alot lol.

      i'm sad now D: when my dollies come in they are always gonna wear them and i'll be scarf-less!
    10. Bought another scarf from Gaiboiozz and it is, again, perfect!!!! I got one in rainbow<333
      Excellent mastery with making these and I will be back for more 8D
    11. I bought a SD sized scarf from gaiboiozz. The scarf arrived super fast and there was great communication! He even sent an extra scarf because he is just pure awesome :3
      The scarves were safely packaged and are super soft and well made~
      I highly recommend gaiboiozz!
    12. Gaiboiozz participated in my Sleep Over swap.

      He sent a nice gift to his partner, shipped within the deadline and communication was excellent!

      He is welcome to join any of my swaps.
    13. gaiboiozz ordered a custom hoodie from me and was fantastic to work with~ Communication is excellent and the transaction was just super smooth, thanks so much!
    14. gaiboiozz bought my soom chrom fantasy parts from me on layaway :) He worked out the layaway plan when he contacted me and stuck to it the whole time! Wonderful to work with, fantastic communication and one of the nicest people I've ever talked to in this hobby!
      I definitely would do business again and I highly recommend him for any transactions :)
      Thanks again! <3
    15. gaiboiozz commissioned me to do a face-up and piercings on his SouldDoll Lune. He was amazing and friendly, as usual, and he let me know what he wanted clear. He also paid super fast.... Like... He handed me the payment that day XD
      I would gladly work for him again and I am happy to have him as a friend <3

      Thank you Ozzy! <3 ya bby~!
    16. gaiboiozz made me some doll sized manga books for my girls, they are fantastic quality, and I would definitely buy or trade with him in the future as well!
    17. This lovely person took part in my November 2011 Dollmore Go, everthing went very very well! Would recommend to anyone
    18. He bought a Iplehouse Ryan from me.
      He was patient and nice to talk to!
      Truly a great customer :)

      I hope you´ll love your boy!
      Thanks again!
    19. I just participated in a Swap with gaiboiozz. It was perfect. I loved the items he sent me! Like he had psychic power he knew just what I had been wanting. I had lots of fun in this swap because of him. Thank You Gaiboiozz!!
    20. gaiboiozz joined my Leekeworld GO ^ ^ Payment was sent asap and is very polite! It so nice to work with you! Thank you~