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Feedback for GamerGirlLexi

May 2, 2011

    1. This is for feedback for GamerGirlLexi!

      I sold Lexi a doll. She paid promptly, was very nice throughout the transaction, and let me know when the doll arrived. I would do business with her again in a moment!

      Thanks for a great transaction!
    2. GamerGirlLexi bought a SOOM doll from me. She paid promptly and kindly let me know as soon as she received the doll. She was very friendly and happy to deal with. Thank you :)
    3. I sold a Pipos D. Demon to GamerGirlLexi. A great buyer that paid promptly and responded to all of my messages. The whole transaction went smoothly.

      Thank you once again! :)
    4. Lexi bought a Volks MSD kitty outfit from me and was fantastic to deal with. :)
      Quick payment, friendly communication, simple transaction--what else can a seller ask for?
      Thanks so much!!
    5. GamerGirlLexi bought a YO kimono from me.
      She is an excellent buyer. Quick payment and let me know as soon as the dress arrived.
      Very very nice buyer to deal. Highly recommend.
    6. Lexi purchased my Unoa Sist faceplate. She was super friendly and paid very quickly. Thank you so much for a great transaction! I would definitely sell to her again! <3
    7. Sold a doll to GamerGirlLexi and she responded to emails quickly and sent payment quickly also. Sent email to notify me the doll had arrived within hours of delivery. Would gladly do business with her again.

      Thanks so much.

      I bought 2 pairs of 10mm eyes from Lexi, they arrived quickly, and safely packaged. Lexi was very nice, and polite, throughout the entire transaction; she had great communication. I would definetly buy from her again <3
    9. I've had the pleasure and joy of buying a beautiful Doll from Lexi. This was my first buying experiance on Den of angels, and i am glad to admit, has been a thoroughly perfect one.
      Lexi has shown the utmost kindness, understanding and patience. Being very helpful and generally a pleasure to talk to. I am immensly thankful to her.
      The item arrived very fast, perfectly wrapped and in great condition, worth more then what i paid.
      I would not hesitate to buy from her again, as i know undoubtedly, she is very trustworthy, genuine and wonderful.. <3

      Thank you GameGirlLexi
    10. Purchased my Unoa parts from me and was quick to pay and a pleasure to deal with! Would happily sell to again. :)
    11. I sold a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe to GamerGirlLexi. Communication and payment was clear, prompt, and friendly! An ideal transaction for a pleasant experience!! Thanks so much!
    12. I bought some brown acrylic eyes from GamerGirlLexi. She was really nice and clear when it came to communication, and shipment was fast! Would def. do business with her again! (:
    13. GamerGirlLexi bought Glass Eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      A real pleasure to do business with.
    14. GamerGirlLexi purchased a minifee body from me. Payments were quick, as was the friendly communication. Fabulous transaction! I'd gladly work with her again and recommend her as a buyer! Thanks a bunch ^_^
    15. GamerGirlLexi joined a split i ran. she was amazing to work with! very polite and nice. She paid promptly, was very patient with the fairyland wait time and let me know as soon as her part arived to her! she was wonderful to deal with and i would love the chance to do so again! =)
    16. Bought my chicline body and paid very timely and let me know when the doll arrived! totally perfect buyer!
    17. Absolutely FANTASTIC! GamerGirlLexi sold me a Pukifee Head, and packaged it so well in bubblewrap and packaging that I feel confident that this package would have survived a nuclear holocaust. Communication was SUPER fast and friendly... all around an AWESOME transaction!

    18. Lexi commissioned me for Link's outfits, it was a great trade and everything went smoothly :) Hope we will deal again in the future!
    19. I sold a Volks SwD Lucas to Lexi. She paid off her layaway early and was totally wonderful to deal with. :]
    20. Thank you GamerGirl! Easy going and very helpful. This was my first sale, and she made it a pleasure. W O N D E R F U L. GamerGirl sent the payment right away. Hope to have many more transactions with her.