Feedback for Gamine

Oct 9, 2020

    1. If we've had a transaction, please leave feedback for me here. Thank you!!
    2. @Gamine bought a Doll-sofa from me and she was very pleasant to do business with. She was very friendly and super sweet in all of her messages and quickly replied to my PM's. She sent the payment right after she got the total from me and immediately sent me a note when the package arrived at her place.
      This was a swift and easy transaction for both of us and I highly recommend her as a buyer :daisy
    3. Gamine purchased 2 pairs of boots from me and the transaction went smoothly. I highly recommend Gamine as a buyer. :)
    4. I sold a WS Impldoll Alma head to Gamine. :love
      It was a very fast and pleasant transaction!
      Communication was easy and friendly, Gamine is such a sympathetic buyer (I had to wait a few days before being able to ship the box due to my job and covid restrictions)! :hug:

      It would be a pleasure to do business with you again in the future!
      Thank you so much ^^
    5. I sold my violet Impldoll body to Gamine and everything was great. They were very polite, very patient, paid quickly, and let me know same-day when they received the body. I'd happily sell to them again :) Thank you so much, and enjoy!
    6. @Gamine bought a Dollshe Aramis Head from me. They were a perfect buyer, with prompt, clear and polite communication.

      They paid quickly and let me know as soon as the head arrived, which I really appreciate :)

      I can highly recommend @Gamine as a responsive and friendly buyer.

      Thank you so much!
    7. Gamine bought a spirit doll body from me. Great communication, a perfect buyer. Thank you very much!
    8. Gamine bought a Dollshe Arsene head from me. Everything was super smooth, very pleasant, and over all just a great transaction. Quick replies, quick payment, let me know when the head arrived. thanks a ton!!