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Feedback for Gantaeno

Jan 8, 2009

    1. Hello everyone!

      This thread is (obviously) for posting your feedback about any transactions with me :) I've also got 120+ positive feedback on Ebay if anyone would like to confirm my goodness :P


    2. I sold an MSD-size fur wig to Gantaeno.
      It was only a day or two between her first PM to me about it, and when she sent me the payment for it.
      Fast, and a delight to chat with! :) Definitely a recommended customer.
    3. Gantaeno purchased some doll eyes from me, and paid as soon as we decided the best shipping method. She's fast, friendly, and a delight to work with! It was an honor, and a pleasure! ^_^
    4. Gantaeno had buy Bisou Ai UU from me~~
      she was payment fast !! and great communicate !!!
      and when the doll arrived have tell me asap :)
      she is nice and good buyer :")
    5. Gantaeno purchased msd ballet slippers from me
      she paided lightening fast and let me know as soon as they arrived
      she's a great to deal with, I would definantly recommend her.
    6. Gantaeno purchased some wigs from me. It was a great experience. Excellent communication and prompt payment! A pleasure to deal with!
    7. Gantaeno bought a wig and eyes from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction.
      She paid fast and has excellent communication. Thanks!!
    8. :chocoberry:chocoberry:chocoberry

      Gantaeno is wonderful to deal with!
      I had a very pleasant,friendly transaction with her
      she is a great buyer !

      ~* Thank You ~* for our lovely transaction ! ~*~*~

    9. Gantaeno was in my first LUTS group order, and everything went well! She replied to PMs quickly and paid promptly! I would love to work with her again^^
      Thank you for joining the GO:chocoberry
    10. I sold some Yo-SD goodies to Gantaeno, and the transaction couldn't have been smoother! Great communication, prompt payment. Thanks much! <3
    11. Chloe is great ,she organised a group order .. great communication ..well organised and shipped fast ..cant ask for more xx
    12. I joined Gantaeno's latest Hand Craft Glass eyes GO. She was a perfect host and communicated everything to the group and she kindly held on for my payment as I was waiting for payday to join the order. The eyes arrived today carefully packaged and in great condition...I heartily recommend her!
    13. I participated in the Hands Glass eye group order too.
      Chloe organised it really well and kept us updated at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend her :)

      Thank you, Chloe! :chocoheart :truffle
    14. I participated in the Hands Glass eye group order too and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Chloe again!
      She was wonderful, very organised, kept us all up to date with information, was fun and polite from beginning to end.
      I received my well packaged items within days of the order arriving and final postage payments being made.

      A dream to deal with! Thanks hun!
    15. I also joined the Group Order and agree with everything that's just been said! Thanks, Chloe!
    16. * Hands up*I also joined the Group Order and agree with everything that's been said as well! Thanks Chloe you organised a great 'Go'!:)
    17. She's the best! Thanks for arranging a wonderful GO. I love the puppy brown eyes.
    18. a while back i brought a 6-7 silver wig of gantaeno on ebay, it's better than the pics and a good price :)
    19. Gantaeno recently took part in a For My Doll group order I was hosting and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. Payment and communication was always swift; I'd give her a 5 star rating if they had that feature available on DoA ;)

      Thanks again for taking part in the group order, dear! :D
    20. Participated in a GO hosted by Gantaeno and received some great Hand Craft glass eyes - she was a pleasure to deal with!