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Feedback for gardenofdolls.com

Jun 6, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback here for anyone who's done business with me. Thank yoU!

      NOTE: This thread is for transactions involving gardenofdolls.com's personal collection items. Any feedback related to dolls or items purchased from the Garden of Dolls website or Etsy store or any other venue being used by the company for its products, should be left in the Company Review/Product Review feedback threads.
    2. Well, I am the first here! wouaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It is the second transaction with Ashley here in doa, she is a fantastic seller!!
      I bought few month ago a msd petsha, and now I have received 2 dolls from her ( an ooak obitsu very well painted by her, and blue fairy doll)!!
      Always friendly and patient, I really love doing business with her and hope to deal with again!!!
      Thanks!!!:aheartbea :aheartbea
    3. I purchased a 60cm Dollinian basic doll from her website after seeing her mention it in the marketplace. It was shipped promptly and arrived safe and sound 2 days later. I found her plesant to transact with, she replied to my email without delay, and as this was my first ever doll, I'm happy to say that everything went wonderfully and when my doll arrived, I was very happy with her in just about every way! The quality/detail is amazing and I instantly fell in love. Her resin is silky smooth, has a beautiful fleshy glow, free of imperfections, even the fingernails and other little details are quality.

      I'm so glad everything went well and that I have my new dolly. Gardenofdolls.com was a delight--it was a good experience from every angle. I'd definately do business with her again!
    4. :D I bought a wonderful WS Moona from Ashley at gardenofdolls. It was a wonderful transaction - Ashley was so helpful in making sure that everything went well and that I didn't miss out on the doll I wanted so much ! My doll arrived quickly and was well packed too. Thrilled !

      :aheartbea Jaxa:aninja:
    5. I bought a CustomHouse girl body from gardenofdolls.com a while back - very, very prompt shipping, well-packaged, and for a great price! I would definitely not hesitate to buy from her again!
    6. I'm going to be buying a Dollinian 44cm doll from Ashley in a couple of weeks, and I just want to say that so far communication has been SPECTACULAR! She has answered every question of mine with great speed and friendliness ^^

      I will update once I recieve my dollie ^^
    7. Ashley is a wonderful person to work with, very honest, and shipped my doll very fast! No one should worry about a thing with her, she is a top notch seller and a super person!
      Thanks Ashley--love my doll!
    8. I just received a Dolliain body that shipped fast. The communication was great and she was very friendly. The doll arrived packaged very securly and the item was very nice. Thanks so much.
    9. I have just bought a Dollinian 60cm girl body from gardenofdolls.

      The transaction has been a good one. gardenofdolls answered all the questions I posed to her on her sales-thread regarding the dolls and their body details and measurments.

      She was very patient, and courteous. She gave me a decent price for buying just the body.

      She shipped the body as I requested, through EMS, the very next day after payment, and promptly refunded the excess funds I paid, when she discovered that I had overpaid the shipping. Therefore, she is also very honest.

      The doll body is as advertised and pictured. gardenofdolls provides numerous pictures on the sales-thread, and happily added extra pictures, as I requested them.

      The Dollinian girl body is very decent, actually. It's quite elegant and feminine, and the resin is smooth, light in colour, with NO SEAMS. It fits Dollmore tops and underwear, as well as Leekeworld shoes.

      I'd like to THANK gardenofdolls for a pleasant and prompt transaction (the EMS delay :| and the silly wild-goose-chase that the local courrier sent me on over here is certainly no gardenofdolls' fault! :roll: ).

      Many thanks for my beautiful new girl's body. :) :) :)
    10. Marvelous Seller, Doll has arrived, she's Lovely, with just a little work on the eyes and face (doll arrived blank) she'll be a dream!
      Thank you so much Gardenofdolls and keep that baby girl safe, they grow up too fast :)
    11. It arrived today! Very well packaged and just what I wanted! Thank you so much for putting up with my constant nagging and jitteryness!

      I HIGHLY reccomend her as a seller!
    12. I just had the world's nicest transaction with gardenofdolls, who sold me a Dollmore Momo head (since the elder child in the home swiped my last one for herself, rotten kid! ;) )

      Sent a pm, got a response and a shipping quote immediately, paid, and what, 4 days later? Here is the head. Beautifully cared for, well packed and shipped.

      Hard to argue with that! :)
    13. I had a fantastic transaction with GardenOfDolls. I purchased a Luts Aru from her and she shipped at hyper speed. My Aru is such a beautiful girl. Couldn't be happier on this end and would recommend her as a seller.

      Thanks again,
    14. GardenofDolls bought some eyes from me and paid very quickly. I hope you doll liked her new eyes!!
    15. Gardenofdolls bought some wigs from me. She paid when she said she would and was very friendly. A fabulous buyer!! :)
    16. I bought a Musedoll outfit from gardenofdolls. She shipped out the outfit super quick and it looks fab on my girl!

      Thank you again! <3
    17. I´ve bought two Dollinian 60cm from gardenofdolls. She´s one of the nicest seller, I ever have to do with. She mailed out very fast and the contact with her was great! Every time will come back to her!!!:thumbup
    18. i bought a dollmore dress from her and she was very nice and very fast shipping highly recommended :)

    19. I can't believe I forgot to leave feedback! I bought a Dollinian doll from her, lovely communication, really friendly, shipped fast- wonderful person to deal with
    20. I bought 2 Nabi Kiss dolls from gardenofdolls, I am so happy with them, they are amazing!!
      It is again a very good transaction!! Very fastly shipped, perfect! I will buy again!!:fangirl::fangirl: