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Feedback for garnet7

Sep 30, 2010

    1. :chocoberryPlease leave feedback for any transactions you have had with me here. Thanks so much!
    2. I made some orangebabydolly rings for garnet7 and it was a pleasure! She's patient, friendly, articulate and prompt. I'd be happy to do business with her in the future. Thank you! :)
    3. Wasn't too long before I was happily making more jewelry for garnet7!
      K, thank you for your enthusiasm and your trust!
    4. I was happy to do business with garnet7 again this month, this time in the form of a gift certificate toward jewelry for a friend. When the recipient selected a ring style that was more than the value of the GC, she very graciously paid the difference despite my insistence that it was not necessary. I guess that makes her stubborn, but in a good way! ;)
    5. I sold a wig to garnet7, and she was pleasant and patient throughout the transaction! She also notified me when it was received. Thank you for being such a lovely buyer!
    6. garnet7 purchased more jewelry from me and she was just as wonderfully patient as always. Thank you again!
    7. garnet7 sold me a lovely 65cm size boy trench coat it arrived well packaged and w lightning speed.. I would so do business with again. she is a gem in the marketplace
    8. I bought a Souldoll dress set from garnet7! She kept up great communication, packed the items well, shipped quickly, and checked with me to make sure it'd arrived safely!

      Fantastic transaction, wouldn't hesitate to do business with again! :)
    9. I purchased a gorgeous pair of Souldoll shoes from garnet7 and I couldn't be more pleased.:) The transaction was smooth as glass, and communications were fast and friendly. The shoes were carefully packaged and shipped at light speed! It was a great and effortless transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.
    10. I purchased a Soudoll Double Eliot from garnet7 and had a very enjoyable transaction.
      She kept up communication, answered all of my questions, was always friendly and even packed him up so nicely, that it was like doing a box opening as if it had come from the company.
      Her description was on spot, informing me of all that I'd be getting and all conditions with no hidden fees or something like that.
      She accepted offered layaway and shipped instantly the day after the last payment.
      I had no reason to feel worried for even one moment and really enjoyed the transaction.
      I certainly wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again -^-^-
      Thanks for the great doll and buying experience!
      Other people selling dolls or other items could certainly use her as an example :)
    11. garnet7 bought a lingerie from my shop, and she was wonderful! Her communication is very consistent and friendly and payment is super fast. It was an overall very smooth transaction on my part. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--I hope the parcel will arrive to you soon! :aheartbea ^__^
    12. I bought a SoulDoll Hewer from garnet7 and it was a wonderful transaction! Fast, safe shipping, great communication, and a beautiful doll in perfect condition. Thank you so much for everything! :aheartbea
    13. garnet7 is an absolute angel to deal with, I bought a souldoll dress and it arrived beautifully packaged and quickly.Perfect communication and generally a lovely transaction.

      Thank you so much!
    14. I bough a Souldoll outfit and it was a very smooth and pleasing deal :)
      garnet7 is such a lovely person, very helpful, good communication, item in perfect condition.
      Will always buy from her again!! Thanks a lot!
    15. i bought a pair of luts 70 cm shoes from Garnet! they are flawless, and she was sweet enough to include a choker for my boy too!

      thanks so much Garnet7!
    16. another transaction with Garnet7! bought 2 souldoll outfits, superfast ship, courteous, patient, awesome!
    17. I bought a Super pair of Luts Kid Delf shoes for my Leeke Mikhaila. Perfect Seller, So nice, The Shoes Are SOOOOO Awsome! Thanks So much!!!
    18. I just purchased a Souldoll Zenith girl from Garnet 7. She was wonderful to work with even with a glitch or 2 on my part.
    19. Bought a lovely Souldoll outfit from Garnet 7. Even though I originally paid for shipment in a padded envelope, she felt that wasn't enough protection & shipped it in a box anyway.:) It arrived in perfect shape with all the original accessories included & fits my Soulkid Amy perfectly! I cannot say enough good things about this transaction -- excellent seller who cares about customer service!
    20. I bought a souldoll zenith outfit from garnet7, it had to be one of the best transactions I have had on DOA! The outfit is fabulous and I enjoyed the whole experience. I would buy again in a heartbeat :)