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Feedback for Gathephaar

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Creating a feedback thread aas I intend to start buying and selling here on DoA.
    2. I'm happy to be the first to write a feedback for Gathephaar and it's most positive feedback too! :)
      I sold my LeekeWorld Rihael head on Iplehouse nYID boy body to Gathephaar. It was very pleasant transaction, very prompt and smooth one, and friendly communication made it even better <3
      I'll be really happy to deal again!
    3. Bought a DC kid body from Gathephaar. Super excellent seller! Thank you!!!
    4. Gathephaar bought some Loongsoul doll parts from me. They were very kind to work with and had great communication. It was a very pleasant transaction and I would definitely work with this buyer again! Thank you!!!
    5. gathephaar bought a Fairyland chest piece from me, the conversation was very friendly and she informed me right away when the parcel arrived.
      I can recommend her as a buyer :)
    6. I sold Iplehouse SID Shane to Gathephaar. The transaction was promt and pleasant. Highly recommend!
      Thank you!
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    7. I bought a Minifee Alicia from her, she is really helpful and such an excellent seller
      The transaction was fast, and the doll is in perfect condition
      I highly recommend her :)
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    8. Bought a partial Momo outfit from her. Fast responses, very sweet seller, I'm so happy. Thank you thank you thank you!
    9. Gathephaar bought me a doll and all was really perfect ,highly recommend
      Thanks so much :)
    10. Gathephaar purchased a pair of Soom Galena feet from me. She’s an amazing person and I’m glad to have done a transaction with her.
      She paid promptly and let me know once they arrived safely! We almost thought there would be an issue because there were no updates for a little while, but they arrived safely, in the end. :)

      I recommend her and would definitely do business with her again. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them! :aheartbea
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    11. :apresent::aheartbea Gathephaar bought a Lati Yellow - Alice In Wonderland ver. Alice Fullset from me. :aheartbea:apresent:
      Great Buyer, fast payment and great communication :) Many thanks for your purchase!

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    12. gathephaar bought an depthsdolls giorra from us , payments on point , great communication and smooth transaction <3
    13. Gathephaar purchased my Peakswoods Mona and was wonderful to work with. I was reluctant to sell outside the US due to pandemic conditions with the post office, but we came to an easy agreement and she paid quickly and let me know when the doll arrived. Definitely a wonderful painless transaction. A+++++ buyer! Thank you!
    14. I would like to thank Gathephaar for purchasing the Dream Valley Z7. Since there were problems with the postal services, I want to separately thank Gathephaar for patience and understanding. It was very pleasant to communicate and only positive emotions remained from the deal. My best recommendations and wishes<3! Thanks again!
    15. I recently did a trade with @Gathephaar and it went smooth as silk! We exchanged photos of our bjds and agreed to ship on the same day. It was an Australia/USA International trade. Both dolls arrived to their destinations fairly quickly. When I opened my package from Gathephaar I was so shocked by the goodies they included, it was the sweetest gesture! I could not have asked for a better trade experience! Communication was fast and thurough the whole way through and I would highly recommend sales/trades with them! Thank you so much again for a wonderful experience and I love my new bjd and new goodies so much! :D
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    16. :daisy:cake::hamster: Positive feedback :hamster::cake::daisy

      Gathephaar purchased a wig from me and was wonderful to sell to and let me know when the wig arrived :)
      I highly recommend Gathephaar as a buyer!

      Thank you so much Gathephaar:hug:
    17. Gathephaar bought a doll wig from me and the transaction was wonderful and trouble free! :)

      The buyer was courteous, prompt and communicative. They let me know immediately when the package arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again!

      Thank you very much!