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Feedback for gatodelsol

May 13, 2009

    1. Your feedback for any transactions we may engage in is most appreciated! You are also welcome to check out my 100% positive feedback at eBay (username "dames"). Cheers!
    2. Sold a FS Tobias head as a practice head to gatodelsol, and the transaction was smooth as silk. xD What a wonderful buyer! Communication was timely and friendly, payment quick, and she let me know when the head arrived. Thank you so much, and have fun practicing!!
    3. I bought an Elfdoll Tiny from Gatodelsol. It was a WONDERFUL transaction. She is very pleasant to deal with. Shipping was lightning fast too!
      Thank you so much!
    4. Gatodelsol commissioned a faceup from me for her cutie Bobobie Bei elf girl Willow, and she was really great to work with! Communication was excellent and she helped me out whenever I had any questions about her commission. I'd do business with her again anytime! ^__^ Thank you so much!
    5. I bought a NinoDoll Um.Pyo head from gatodelsol and she shipped the same day and he arrived, safely packaged, two days later. :3 He is lovely, thank you! I would definitely do business with her again. She has excellent communication and is wonderful to deal with!
    6. gatodelsol sold me her ninodoll iz head. she sent him out the same day I payed, and he got here on monday in perfect condition. She was super sweet and a jewel to do business with. I would definitely buy from her again. :)
    7. I bought a Domuya body from gatodelsol. She shipped fast and the body was perfect, thanks so much!
    8. Diane purchased a SleepingElf WS Tiny Mina from me today. The transaction went very smoothly and Diane was a pleasure to work with! :)
      Thank you!
    9. I bought a DZ Mo-2 girl from gatodelsol. She arrived in perfect condition with lots of wrapping and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
    10. gatodelsol bought a shirt from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Thanks so much!
    11. gatodelsol participated in one of my Dollmore GOs. She paid both invoices, and got her information to me very quickly! Definitely a great GO member :)
    12. gatodelsol bought 2 SD shirts from our last update. Another lovely transaction with this wonderful buyer. Thanks again!
    13. gatodelsol bought an Alice shirt this time around. Thanks so much for another awesome transaction. A+++++++ buyer!
    14. Sold a Kazekids Pepper head to Diane, the transaction was wonderful!
      Quick payment, and very friendly!
      I would definitely reccomend her as a buyer or seller to anyone!

      Hope you have lots of fun with Pepper!
    15. Thanks again, gatedelsol. Always a pleasure. <3
    16. gatodelsol bought a shirt and pair of pants from us. Transactions are always quick and easy. Perfect! Thanks again!
    17. Thanks again, gatodelsol. Another perfect transaction!
    18. We can't say enough good things about this buyer. THE BEST!!!!
    19. I purchased a minifee dress from gatodelsol , and the transaction was great. Everything was packaged nicely, and they were a great seller to interact with! Thankyou! ^-^
    20. gatodelsol bought a Sex Pistol hoodie from our last update. One of the best buyers here on DoA. Thanks again!