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feedback for gayle

Jun 29, 2006

    1. Guess it's time I started one of these for myself!

      If you have bought from, or commissioned me for clothing, or, If I have purchased items from you; I would really appreciate you posting feedback here.

      Many thanks in advance!
    2. let me just say Gayle is great... a simply wonderful person and seller..
    3. Gayle is a joy to buy from! She made what I wanted, exactly the way I wanted it, with great quality and attention to detail. Fast, professional, friendly seller with excellent communication. I'll definitely commission more clothing from her in the future! :)
    4. yeah for Gayle...a genious food maker and fantastic pant person...lol

      oh and a great gal too.

      never have any doubts about buying or selling with her.
    5. Lovely person........lovely seamstress!
    6. Awesomely patient and understanding. Isn't just a buyer/seller but a great gal and awesome person.
      Would reccommend to anyone/everyone ^_^ You cant go wrong :)
    7. Gayle bought an item from me recently and she's just a total dear to work with <3 Very prompt payment and good communication~
    8. Bough sevral items from Gayle and loved her prompt replies, well tailored clothing and great prices! I'd reccomend her to anyone!
    9. got my NS hound head today..perfect match....excellent transaction great communication..thanks!
    10. Gayle participated in an Iplehouse mini group order with me. Great communication and prompt transactions. :)
    11. Gayle commissioned some items from me and was very sweet during the whole period.. even when i forgot an item and had to ship it late. >.< A lovely experience. Thank you !
    12. Eeee ^-^ Gayle is marvellous!! I couldn't be happier with her service. I commisioned an outfit for my doll from her and she was patient while I decided what I really wanted, offered helpful advice, was lightening fast to reply to PMs and very very approachable. What's more is that her prices are amazingly reasonable, and the quality of her work is incredibly high ^-^

      I will definately be commisioning from her again in the future.
    13. (Long due feedback, lol)

      Gayle participated in a mini Iplehouse group order I did back in May - June. She's great to deal with, very prompt in payment, and very friendly. :)
    14. I'm a personal friend and can vouch for Gayle's business practices and the quality of her work. You can transact with her with confidence!!

    15. Gayle is an outstanding buyer--friendly, prompt, and keeps communication going exceptionally well! *glomps* :daisy
    16. gayle = Talented, trustworthy & adorable. Great to deal with!
    17. Gayle just bought some SD13/Hound boots from me; she was very friendly and prompt with payment. Great, great, great to deal with! :whee:
    18. She is absolutely pleasant person to deal with, talented, loving & caring person. Great to have someone like her in our doll community.
      What a place to leave my very first posting!

    19. This is a bit late, but I want to say that Gayle is utterly fantastic with her sales!
      She is kind, receptive, and takes much care with her transactions!

      When I bought Anja from her, she packet the girl up like it was taking a trip through the apocalypse and back, and watched her trip like a hawk making sure she arrived!

      I highly recommend her!

    20. I bought a pair of hound shorts from her and received them fast, excellent transaction, thanks so much!!