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Feedback for GeishaFeets

Nov 14, 2008

    1. Hello!
      I have yet to sell or purchase anything over this forum, but as I am currently in the process of attempting to sell, I thought it would be prudent to create a Feedback thread.
      Here is a link to my Feedback thread on eBay.

      Thank you!
    2. I bought a MNF NS body from GeishaFeets. She was very friendly, and helpful. She was very fast with shipping. The body is gorgeous!!!!!!! I very happy with this transaction and would definitely buy from her again!!!
    3. I worked on her Lusis's faceup, and she is such a sweetheart! She had to put up with me lagging behind a little bit, and was very understanding. I'd love to work with her again!
    4. Geisha feets is agreat personto buy from, she's really friendly, and once she recived my shippnig moeny she shipped the4 very next day!
      I totally reccomenddoingbuiesness with her =3
    5. I bought a Lusis faceplate from GeishaFeets, and it was shipped out in a timely fashion. :) And I love it! Thanks a bunch, would deal with again!
    6. GeishaFeets commissioned me for seam sanding and body blushing on her A-Line girl and she was quick at communication, fast at paying, and overall very nice to work with.
      Thank you for the pleasant transaction!
    7. I bought a ryeon sleeping head from GeishaFeets, she was very kind and understanding!
      we did a partial trade where i made her some clothes and gave her some money for the head,
      and everything worked out perfectly! I would buy from her again in a heartbeat!
      Thank you for a pleasant transaction GeishaFeets!
    8. Geishafeets bought a Domuya Flexi-fashion body from me on layaway. She was awesome. Excellent communication, and she managed to pay installments early! I highly recommend her. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope you have lots of fun with your new hybrid!
    9. GeishaFeets came back a 2nd time for another body blushing and seam sanding! It was my first time working on a ChicLine body and I must say, it's quite different from the usual MSD's I work with!
      GeishaFeets was patient as I had to work around the snowy weather and understanding of shipping chaos that we bumped into a couple times during this week. Regardless she's still a great commissioner and I'm happy to work for her again. Thank you so much for coming back to my shop!
    10. GeishaFeets was one of the participants in my recent Fairyland GO. She helped to find split partners for the GO, and she did a great job! She paid all her invoices lightning fast, and her communication was wonderful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    11. I painted a MNF Rheia for Geishafeets. She was very easy to work with and answered all my questions. She was patient with me while I worked on her girl and let me know when she arrived :) I wouldn't hesitate to do business with this user again! A+++++!
    12. I changed my mind about a pair of Domuya high heeled feet because they did not have the ball joints I needed for my resinsoul body. Geishafeets was very friendly, helpful and extremely understanding when I changed my mind on this purchase. ^_^; it was my bad, and she promptly refunded me. thankyou!
    13. I bought a body from Geishafeets, she was very helpful and arranged shipping around my vacation. would recommend her as a seller
    14. I bought a MNF Ryeon from GeishaFeets and the transaction was perfect! Quick, great communication, arrived SO fast! Thanks!!
    15. GeishaFeets participated in my recent Fairyland Group Order, and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything worked out! Communication was excellent the entire time, payments super prompt, and I was informed as soon as the package had arrived!

      A great participant, and I'd love to see GeishaFeets on the other side of a PM anytime!
    16. GeishaFeets commissioned me to paint a head for her. She was fantastic to deal with and I'd love to do business again! <3
    17. I've just split a Rosette Fir with GeishaFeets, she did the ordering from Soom and then shipped me out my head. Everything went smoothly and she was a wonderful communicator :) Thank you~
    18. I bought an NS Rosette Muse body from GeishaFeets and I couldn't be happier with the transaction! She was very patient and answered all my questions promptly and courteously. The body was shipped quickly and arrived in even swifter time! :) The body arrived as advertised and in pristine condition. I rate this transaction very highly and would not hesitate to do business with GeishaFeets again.

      Thank you! :D
    19. I purchased a Rheia head from GeishaFeets and it was a perfect transaction!! Fast shipping, Great communication and I love the head!! Melanie
    20. A+++ transaction! I purchased MNF Carl head from GeishaFeets and I can't be happier. The head arrived fast, very well packed and flawless. Will be pleased to do business with GeishaFeets again anythime! Thank you!