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Feedback for Gelfling21

Sep 12, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for Gelfling21 here. I am a buyer, not a seller. :)
    2. We did a trade in which I got a brown wig for the red one I had. Things were a bit wonky, but Gelf was sweet and understanding, and I'd DEFINITELY do a trade again!:bcupcake

    3. Gelfling21 bought a top from me~she is really nice and responsible~she also helped me to solve a problem about Paypal~I really enjoy trading with her~highly recommended~thank you~^^
    4. I recently bought a 1/3rd-sized medical jump kit from Gelfling21, and it came nicely shipped, communication was wonderful, and I'm glad to have bought it from her!

      Wonderful seller!:aheartbea

    5. Excellent buyer! Doing a couple commissions for Gelfling21, and payment was prompt, and communication friendly and fun! Looking forward to any more chances to do more shirts for you! :)
    6. Still an excellent buyer! :) Prompt payment, great communication, fun to deal with!
      Thank you again!
    7. Gelfling21 participated in my eighth Luts group order and she was amazingly friendly and wonderful to work with. Communication was nothing short of sheer perfection and payments were sent in prompt fashion. I'd work with her again any time and appreciate her participation in this group order.:D

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    8. Gelfling21 participated in my Dollmore GO. She was so awesome and fun to work with, paid quickly and answered everything very fast. I would be happy to deal with her again :) Thank you very much!
    9. Gelfling21 bought doll eyes from me. Sh epaid quickly and let me know when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    10. Gelfling21 participated in my LUTS GO. She responed to PM quickly, sent in payments promptly and let me know when her items arrived safely. It was a wonderful experience working with her^^ and I'd love to have her in my future GO! Thank you once again for joining my group order:aheartbea
    11. Gelfling21 bought a t-shirt from me and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with her. She's warm, friendly, and erudite so communication was a breeze. Payment was made as soon as she committed to buy. I couldn't have asked for a better customer for my first sale on DOA! :fangirl:
    12. [SIZE="-10"]Gelfling21 participated in my eleventh Leekeworld group order and everything went swimmingly well! This is my second time getting to deal with her and I can already tell that any and all dealings with her will follow along this trend. Communication is perfect and payments are amazingly swift. It goes without saying that I would be open to working with her in the future should the chance arise.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in this order! :pcake:bcake
    13. Gelfling21 participated in my Dollmore GO. What a pleasure to work with! Great communication and fast payment; what more could I ask for? ^^

      I'd love to do business with Gelfling again and I recommend her to everyone!

      Thanks so much for helping my GO run so smoothly. :D
    14. Gelf bought an SD shirt from us. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    15. Sold a wig to Gelfling21, and the transaction was smooth and painless. Great communication, fast payment, and she even offered to pay for shipping when she didn't need to. Would do business with her again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much! :)
    16. Another lovely transaction with this wonderful buyer. Thanks again!
    17. Great communicator, prompt payment, and all around perfect customer. Thanks so much!!!!!!
    18. gelfling21 ordered some wigs from my shop during our event special~ Her payment was fast! Easy communication~ recommend to ALL future buyers and sellers!
    19. gelfling21 purchased a wig from me. Communication was prompt, as was the payment. Very friendly and polite! I would definitely recommend gelfling21 for business! :)
    20. Gelfling21 participated in my HUGGGEEE Leeke GO. She was very kind and paid very quickly. Thanks so much for being in the GO!