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Feedback for Gelfling9

Aug 11, 2008

    1. Please post your feedback comments here for all transactions with Gelfling9

      Thank you, much appreciated! :)
    2. MUAH! :)

      Gelfling9uk is just adorable! She brought Soom's Monthly doll Beryl from me (without horns) and payment was super duper fast! ^__^ Paid completely in a week. She let me know when the doll arrived. Did I mention super friendly? Yes super friendly and cute. hehe. Thank you so much for everything. :) Please take care of Beryl! She needs all the attention she can get. Chu! <3
    3. Got a blue parabox wig from gelfling and the transaction went really smoothly. Plus I was sent a bonus 1/6 doll head! Thanks so much. :D
    4. Hi, I recently bought some Beryl hooves from Gelfling9. I am blown away by her amazing packaging and general great communication:).
      An amazing seller with a whole lot of style and integrity. Gelfling9 is very honest and has a perfect way of describing her items:)

      Could not be happier with a transaction :love.

      Very Kind Wishes, Redastor.
    5. Gelfling9 has bought a hat from me, smooth transaction, very nice and polite:)
    6. Received Sandstone Kimono...beautiful merchandise...GREAT SELLER. EXCELLENT TRANSACTION! Would definitely buy from again. Will send pix as soon as I get his wig so you can see the whole package. Right now the brown tribble on his head is not the coolest thing out there. HUGZ ALWAYS!!! You REALLY ROCK!!! Thankx again....

      - ShadowHawke -
    7. Bought a Soom Beryl corset set from Gelfling9. Really friendly in PM's and I recieved my items in a matter of days after purchasing. Would definatley recommend and wouldn't hesitate to do business with again :)!
    8. Gelfling9 bought a Soom Beryl head from me. Great with communication. Super nice.
      A+ dealings.

      Highly Recommended!
    9. Gelfling9 bought some outfits from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    10. I bought a Beryl head from Gelfling9uk, and I had some paypal issue, but Gelfling bravely stuck it out with me, and after that the transaction was smooth & the head was promply shipped. it was awesome.
    11. I bought Soom Beryl from Gelfling9uk and the transaction was really great! She is really nice, polite and the packing of the parcel was great!
      Highly Recommended!
      Thank you!~
    12. Really wonderful buyer! Fun to sell to and paid quickly too! Thank you so much and give her a little kiss from me!
    13. :) Lovely seller, I bought a wig from Gelfling9 and it arrived lightening fast and is in perfect condition. Thank you once again it is perfect for my boy :)
    14. A great frequent customer, pays promptly and is great to deal with! You are welcome back anytime!
    15. Fast payment and a joy to deal with. Thanks!
    16. I bought a wig from her, it's excellent and was sent really quick, thankyou! xx
    17. I sold a MSD skirt to gelfling9uk, there was fast payment and she let me know when the skirt has arrived.
    18. I bought two pairs of MSD Dollmore clothes from gelfling9uk and was a pleasure to do business with! Very very sweet, fast PMs, shipped lightning fast, and the packaging was amazing.

      Will definately do business with again. ^^
    19. Just completed a great transaction buying from Gelfling9.
      Can't praise her highly enough and would certainly deal with again.

      Thankyou Rita. :)
    20. Bought an MNF Elf Shushu head from me, paid quickly and was easy to communicate with. I'm sorry the head didn't work out for you, though! ): Best of luck to you in your continued search!