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Feedback for Genesblues

Jun 17, 2009

    1. Yeppers, it's my very own feedback thread! :dance

      Did I buy something from you/sell something to you? If so, some feedback about the transaction would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!
    2. Sold her a SSDF 08Man head with faceup.
      Communication was great, with PMs replied very promptly. Kept me updated constantly, and payment was made very quickly.
      She was also very friendly throughout the transaction and I would not hesitate to buy from/sell to her again.
    3. Sold a SD head to Genesblues , prompt payment , good communication , I recommand her totally XD thx for buying!
    4. Genesblues purchased a Migidoll Yujin head from me ~ everything went great and she let me know when he arrived safely!

      Definitely recommend this buyer :aheartbea
    5. genesblues bought an sd13 boy body from me and was super nice to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    6. Genesblues bought an outfit for me. The transaction went without a hitch. She paid immediately and maintained excellent communication. I would happily do business again. Enjoy and Thanks!
    7. Genesblues won my Sard auction. She is a great communicator and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her as a buyer any day. A total sweetheart.
    8. Genesblues bought my Migidoll Ryu + Leekeworld boy body.

      She is very friendly and great with communication. No question was left unanswered by this awesome girl.

      On the business side, payment was faster than lightning and she kept in touch the whole time (informed me that she received the doll).

      Genesblues is a great buyer--I highly recommend her and won't hesitate to do business again.

      Thank you so much for this wonderfully perfect transaction~ :fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    9. Genesblues bought Souldoll Zenith Boy Size SZF-1 outfits from me.
      She is very nice and payment immediately. Hope can trade again. ^_^ Thank you.
    10. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to Genesblues. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    11. Genesblues bought some items from me. Wonderful and lovely person to work with!:D Quick payment and communication.
    12. Genesblues bought an outfit from me. She paid immediately and was lovely to do business with. I would not hesitate to do so again! :)
    13. Genesblues brought a Soom Heliot outfit from me. She was super quick with payment and kept me updated as to when the item arrived. A lovely buyer. :D **thumbs up**
    14. I sold Genesblues a Crobidoll YS, and it was a very nice transaction. It was fast and smooth. :)
      She told me when he arrived, too which was very nice. ^^
      I'm glad I had a good buyer for him, and he's gone to a good home.
    15. Genesblues participated in my third Migidoll group order and was a pleasure to work with. Communication was nothing short of great and invoices were taken care of swiftly. :) Would work with them again anytime~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    16. I bought a Crobidoll Ys head from Genesblues. She was wonderfully sweet to work with, and kept me thoroughly updated on shipping, tracking, etc. Also worth noting is that the head was super-well packed! :XD: A lovely seller, and one I'd be happy to buy from again. Thank you! :3
    17. Genesblues bought a SOOM Chrom human head with face up from me. The transaction was perfect. Constant, fast communication and payment. Wonderful person to work with! Thank you so so much for adopting him! :D
    18. Can I ask if you still have another set to sell me?
    19. Genesblues participated in my Chrom split. She was an excellent split partner and paid quickly, had great communication, and let me know exactly when her package arrived. I'd love to work with her again anytime! ^____^ I hope you enjoy your new boy!
    20. Genesblues purchase a pants from me. She paid fast and kindly let me know when the item have delivered. Thank you very much!^O^