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Feedback for Genie

Nov 23, 2007

    1. Finally started one for myself. Please post if I've had a transaction with you!
    2. Genie bought a necklace from Amethyst Collezione. Friendly, great communication, prompt payment!

      It has been a pleasure dealing with you! :)
    3. Genie purchased some sales items from me this month and everything went smooth as pie. Very pleasant communication and fast payment.
      Thank you for the quick and easy transaction. :)
    4. Genie bought my Domuya Flexi Perennial Boy Body. She paid super fast and she is a delight to PM with. Thanks again, MK
    5. genie purchased a pair of pants and a shirt from me. Payment was sent quickly and I was informed as soon as the items arrived. Great transation :3
    6. Split a Cian order with Genie, nice communication, promp payment, would defenately do buisness with again. Thanks! :)
    7. Genie participated in the Luts GO I organised, and I'd definitely have no problems with future sales with her. Fast payment, friendly pm's and let me know when her package arrived! Many thanks and thanks for taking part in the group order!
    8. I painted genie's SDF Cian, Korrin, and she was a super pleasure to deal with. I'd work with her again for sure.
    9. Genie is awesome!! I bought a NS Domuya Perennial body from her--she was sweet and wonderfully patient to hold it for me so I could get funds together, and she shipped it with Lightening-speed!! (Got here in a day!) She was also sweet enough to include a free pair of jeans with the body, and my boy was more than happy to have them! All in all, it was a flawless transaction and I'd be more than happy to do business with her *anytime*! Thank you again!
    10. genie purchased two shirts from me. She paid quickly and was very nice to work with. Thanks so much! ^^
    11. Genie bought a wig from me and payment was sent promptly~ :] She's also wonderful to work with. Thank you! :daisy
    12. genie bought a pair of shorts from my clothing sale thread. Payment was prompt and genie was a pleasure to work with. Please come back again!
    13. Genie bought a necklace from me and was great in both communication and payment. Thank you ^^.