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Feedback for geyin96

Nov 2, 2011

    1. Hi, everyone~ Thx for your kind feedbacks^^

    2. Sold a YoSD wig to geyin96 and transaction was great..paid quickly and was very nice in all communications. Would definitely do business with again.
    3. Sold a YoSD wig to geyin96. Fast payment and great comunication. Would recomend.

      I sold my last yo-sd sized dollie to geyin96 , a BlueFairy May. Communication always fast and so was her payment. She also let me know when she received the box. I highly recommend her as a buyer and would not hesitate to participate in another transaction with her! Thanks! :)
    5. I sold a pair of Ginarolo eyes to geyin96. Communication was good and payment was prompt. Thanks so much again, hope you enjoy the eyes:)
    6. Had agreed to purchase 2 pair of eyes from me. Proceed to exchange paypal addresses. I sent my invoice and when the due date came I had to PM her to find out what was going on. Paypal problems on her end so she decided she no longer wanted them.

      She is nice in her PMs just wish she'd kept me up to date so I wasn't left in the dust for 4 days.
    7. Sold yosd shoes to geyin96. Excellent communication, fast payment. An overall pleasure to do business with! Recommended buyer.
    8. geyin96 purchased two pair of ltf/ange size mary janes from me. Communication was always prompt and friendly and payment was made quickly. I would happily do business with geyin96 again, in the future.

      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction. :)
    9. geyin96 bought a pair of Rosenlied boots from me and we had a very smooth transaction with great communication. Thank you so much, dear!
    10. geyin96 bought a YoSD Suzuna wig from me. She is such a sweet person to deal with, she paid quickly and let me know after the wig arrived. Thank you dear <3 .
    11. I bought a lovely little Soom iMda 2.2 Neo-AngelRegion Modigli from geyin96. She was very helpful, even though we had a few communication problems (probably to do with the fact I'm English and our postal system is different from the US). She was also helpful after Modigli arrived and I had questions about eyes and wigs for her.
    12. Geyin96 bought Everpurple eyes from me. Transaction went very smoothly- fast PM responses and fast payment!
      She was very understanding and patient even when there was an issue with size of the eyes.
      She's a great buyer and I'd recommend her to anyone :)
    13. I recently purchased a VOLKS MSD Yuni from geyin96 off of the marketplace. She was very friendly and prompt answering my questions and fulfilling my picture requests. She also shipped my doll quickly and it was packed very well. I am very pleased with my transaction and definitely recommend Yin as a seller. I love my new girl - thank you! :)
    14. geyin96 purchased a pair of shoes from me. Her PMs were super friendly and payment came quickly. I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much for a smooth transaction, I hope your little girl loves her new shoes!
    15. I purchased a Custom House/Aidolls Ange Ai Sunny from geyin96. They were very quick in communication, and shipped the doll very quickly after I paid.
      Thanks for a great transaction, geyin96!
    16. I bought a wig from geyin96. She communicated constantly, shipped it fast and well packaged. I recommend her highly and will buy from her again.
    17. I bought a doll head from geyin96. The item was as described, well packaged, and shipped very quickly. I am very pleased with this sale! Also, geyin96 is nice to talk to over PM :) I would be happy to deal with geyin96 again. Thank you so much!
    18. I bought a shirt and pair of jeans from geyin96, and the transaction went perfect! Good communication and fast shipping, and all arrived safe and sound. Would gladly do business with again. Thank you so much!
    19. Purchased a clothing lot from geyin96. Items were as described, shipping was quick, and communication was great! Loved it!
    20. I purchased a wonderful MSD outfit from geyin96~ the item was just as described and too adorable in person! She was really friendly to deal with and shipped it as soon as I paid!
      A wonderful transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again anytime~ <3